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  1. Non nodding Maroon 700 rider A27

    I keep meaning to write to a magazine, but this is a personal bug bear; actually I find it really gets to me. I see a guy, he's travelling Brighton to Eastbourne direction each morning; he NEVER nods. The fact that I ride a Transalp shouldn't matter. I've ridden since 17. Worked on bikes, ridden...
  2. nodding front end.....

    Hi can anyone through any light onto why my xr400 nods when going along on smooth roads???? I'm running pirelli mt21's that are worn ....just cant work it out why this is? is it a XR thing? Its only noticeable at 50-60mph.... Is it tyre pressure, fork spring set up...any idea's? thanks
  3. Nodding and waving 2

    Ok, so it seems lots of us do it, but how do we do it?
  4. Nodding and waving

    Do you?