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  1. winter sunshine

    Out and about in Normandy today, check out the colour of that sky. With high temps of 5 deg and winds of only 25 - 30 kph, it was positively balmy,,,, Just a quick 200km or so to scrub in the new tyres, if this is winter, can't wait for spring,,,,,,,
  2. hello folks

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    hello everyone, just joined you all, its a very useful forum, everyday probs by everyday people, with real advice and answers. we live in Normandy in france, have just done house renovation, so back to real bike trippin again, have an 03 varadero, first 6 speed efi bike, great for use here, cow...
  3. normandy beaches etc

    I know some of you have done tours & visited the landing beaches, cemeterys etc & I'm planning a trip for 2013, possibly with 1/2 a dozen mates in tow. Thr ride to & from here is no problemo, accommodation I can deal with I think though I might have a word with Jaqueslemac depending on how many...
  4. normandy accomodation

    hi, doing the d-day beaches for a bit longer this year, need accomodation. done it last year on my own now three others want to tag along. can anyone share any experiences of gites/B&Bs/hotels? preferably the calvados area. done the F1/etap thing, dont mind again but would prefer something a...
  5. Tail end trip to Normandy

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'm very disappointed at having to miss the trip to PhilInFrance's place, so perhaps a quick jaunt to Normandy will be some recompense? If there are enough people interested in a trip to my place over the weekend 5th-8th November, I'll sort something out. For more information, have a look at...
  6. Normandy Invasion 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just back from this years Normandy Invasion to Jacqueslemac's place in Northern France - great place and a great time. We were joined by Jacqueslemac, Meesh, BobA, Mr & Mrs Whealie, Cabby and Steve G. We hit lucky with the weather and with Jame's local knowledge, some great roads. I'll let one...
  7. XRV Normandy Invasion 2010

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    In 2010, D-Day (6th June) falls on a Sunday. Not only that, it's at the end of a week containing a Bank Holiday Monday (and therefore, maybe half-term). In 2008, we held an XRV camping long weekend at my place in Normandy. There were just over 20 people there, which is about the maximum we can...
  8. Normandy: Four down in first 24 hours

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Only one injury though. And, actually, we're all having great fun. PDSquire, Jacqueslemac and Meesh hit a tailback at Guildford on the way down, to find a biker having dropped their bike and being helped up by some cage drivers. It was Dr Law. What an introduction.:thumbup: In France on the...
  9. Normandy in October anyone?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    It's been a long while since the last trip. If I were to organise another trip like the one in June 2008 and October 2008 and in March this year (part 1 and part 2), who would be interested? Provisionally the plan is to travel with LD Lines from Portsmouth to Le Havre overnight on Friday 9th...
  10. Normandy in August

    I have planned and booked a trip to Normandy in August. Our route is: calais-le touquet-giverny-mont st michel-bayeux-honfleur-calais Anyone have experience of good riding roads and/or must see destinations along our way? Thanks:angel9:
  11. Weekend in Normandy part 2

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    SATURDAY After Breakfast we headed for the hills to check out the weather. Then staying in the sun we headed to: A few showers caught up and chased us as we got to: Then the sun came out and we headed up: We could see for miles:
  12. Weekend in Normandy

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Thursday PM and I was getting excited and apprehensive. I was on my way to Normandy, How would the Bike behave? After all the problems with the Headlight, would it work properly, or what else will go wrong? I got the Bike out of the shed and fitted the panniers, then I loaded them with the...
  13. D-Day in Normandy, Part 2

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I've just realised that although I've put something in the calendar, I've not published a thread. Same kind of arrangements as last year's trip. Cross via Portsmouth to Le Havre on LD Lines overnight 2nd June, arriving mid-morning 3rd June. Three days exploring, one day watching D-Day events...
  14. Normandy in March

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'm taking a flyer here, as I've not discussed it with my financial controller/social diary manager, but... If I was to organise a trip to Cormolain 27th - 29th March 2009, who would be interested? Most likely there would be some gentle off-roading involved, to say nothing of barbecues...
  15. Normandy - the return.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well I had a lot of fun, the XRV crowd seem to be reasonably well-behaved and there appears to be a few people who would have liked to come, but weren't able to for a variety of reasons. So... who would like another one? We're talking about four or five days, taking in one weekend sometime...
  16. Normandy XRV meet

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Right i arrived home at 12 pm today after leaving Jaques's place at 6am.A bit too tired to write a lot just wanted to start a new thread for all the pics:D:D Oh and i found out i can get 250 miles out of a full tank:D:D:D
  17. Flying visit to Normandy

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    The waiting has got too much for me, I've booked a quick trip to Normandy next week if anyone wants to come and help me mow the grass. I'm crossing with Brittany Ferries from Portmouth to Caen overnight on Tuesday 20th May and returning the same route on the fast cat on Friday 23rd May.
  18. Camping in Normandy

    I am hoping to go to Normandy with my 12yo lad at the end of May to spend a few days looking at the D-Day sites and having some nice meals. BUT, with the pound plummeting against the Euro, a low cost trip is creeping up if we go the B&B route as originally intended last year when i did my...
  19. This Summers trip,,,, Normandy?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Regional meet - Normandy I own a place in Normandy with a fairly large field suitable for camping. The area has lots of things to see and do and is pretty easy to get to. If you're unsure about riding abroad, it's a very good way to get started. It takes about four hours to reach from...
  20. Quick trip to Normandy?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I have a place in France in Calvados between St Lô and Bayeaux and will be taking a quick trip there 12th - 14th October to mow the lawn etc before the onset of Winter. (I have someone there who keeps an eye on the place when I'm not there, but he doesn't stretch to gardening.) Anyone fancy...