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  1. Running Naked

    Dominator / FMX
    I have been running mine, testing etc, with out any fairing or sump guard and I like it Bike still gets amazingly hot and I can feel more heat on my legs than before I am hoping that's due to more airflow wafting around the engine I am thinking a simple nose cone cowl only would be ample for...
  2. Free: Transalp 600 front fairing and headlight unit

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a full transalp 600 front fairing for free or donations of beer :thumbup: It includes both front side panels, the nose cone (early model) and the headlight with front sub frame All well used but perfectly still usable! Collection only from Sheffield If no one wants it I'm taking it...
  3. Wanted: Wanted nose cowl for RD07A

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a nose cowl (front fairing) for an RD07A, if anyone knows of one or has one sitting about please let me know. Many thanks
  4. front fairing mount

    Has anyone ever made/bought/bodged a custom front fairing mount for the transalp 600? I am talking about the bit at the front to hold the nose cone and lights on! I am considering trying to make one out of aluminum
  5. eBay: Ebay RD04 front fairing nose cone and side front fairings

    eBay - Africa Twin
    there is also a rear rack and tail piece on other listings....RD04 africa twin xrv 750 fairing infills nose cone side fairing | eBay
  6. Shariebee down :-(

    Sharriebee down :-( Had a txt last night. Apperantly sharrie fell of a horse (told he not to play with food) and had a proper faceplant. Broken nose and cheekbone. Hope you get better soon girl:thumbup: Any pics of the black eyes yet:toothy2: Not a good start to the year for xrv:(
  7. Standard screen RD07a

    Africa Twin
    Hi Peeps What is the height of the standard screen from the top of the nose cowling above the vent to the top of the screen please
  8. Wanted: rd07 Fairings

    For Sale / Wanted
    Ok looking for a top nose section and 2 side panels. in white if possible Do the RD07A nose cones fit the RD07? I know the top section is slightly different but are the mountings the same?
  9. Nose cone

    I think my my old 'Alp is quite good lookin'....More than the later one anyway. :D But I think that the single square headlight and front mudguard let it down....:confused: Anyone modded that nose to something similar to an @ or know anything about it ?... Thanks Kevin :)
  10. nose dive !!

    Africa Twin
    Again bear with me as I am new to the AT. When I drop off the throtle ie change gear esp first to sec or if I just let go the throttle even at speed it feels like the forks are almost diving. Is this normal ???