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not charging

  1. Transalp 650 2001 not charging

    My Honda Transalp is not charging. I called the AA told me I just needed a new battery changed that but bike not charging!!!
  2. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh electrics

    Africa Twin
    My bike is charging fine then not charging and then charging then not. Doing the multimeter test I get 14.3 no lights and then 13.8 with lights, then 13.2,12.9,13.6,13.2,12.8,13.5 etc etc, up and down like a yoyo, what can be causing the undulations in the charging circuit.
  3. Honda varadero 125 charging problems.

    Hello all, I have just discovered this forum and what I've read is really good so far :) I'm hoping you knowledgeable people can help me. Okay so basically I was riding home one night and my battery died... I assumed it was the battery, so I replaced it. However the battery then died on me...
  4. @ breakdown, flat battery and possibly the regulator

    Africa Twin
    Enjoying very much my @ that I bought last week but when I pulled into the petrol station for my second fill up it wouldn't start, lights were very dim and nothing happened when the starter button was pressed, I moved it out of the way while I ate my Ginsters Scotch egg, cheese and onion crisps...
  5. Not charging

    Africa Twin
    I have a 1998 africa twin that appears not to be charging when the headlights are on i have taken some readings with a volt meter can anybody help with the problem. Battery 12.84v Running tickover 13.3v...
  6. At not charging, do I need a new rectifier.

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, as the title suggests really. My 93 AT is not charging, I fitted a new battery after stupidly jump starting her, but put the leads on the wrong terminals. I have only been doing short trips as well which possibly may not help. Would I be jumping the gun by purchasing a new rectifier...
  7. How long can I run the bike without a working Stator or R/R ???

    Dominator / FMX
    Good evening all. First, a few words about me. I live in south Britanny, France, I started riding back in 1985, I have owned several Honda bikes since then (MTX, CBRs), and I bought a 1991 Dominator last year with 47000 kms on the clock. The bike is not in perfect cosmetic or mechanical...
  8. Bizarre battery issue

    Hi guys, I have a strange (to me at least) battery related issue, for which I found no relevant post, so I’ll try to describe it in case someone can figure it out or propose something: I bought my TA 12 months ago 2 months later, a snowy morning the battery was flat. I bought and installed a...
  9. XL600R not charging battery

    Hi everyone. Finished an on going project restoring an 86 xl600r but after changing to a new battery, i had noticed the other day that the battery was very low on charge and when the bike is running, i measured the voltage across the terminals and was reading only 5V! surely it should be around...
  10. Help! Battery or reg'-rectifier dud??

    Any whizzkids looking in? Got an interesting problem, here... Took my third ride on my recently-acquired J-reg XL400V Transalp - though I had to jump-start it from a car, as it was a tad reluctant to turn over under its own volts. Warning signs, perhaps? Well, I thought maybe a good blast...
  11. 3 Phase Alternator Malfunction

    Africa Twin
    Well I have lost one phase from my alternator and was wondering if anyone would care to comment re and easy fix or a major job ? Have a big ride coming up in the next couple of days and its not charging properly. R/R is fine. Doesn't matter which R/R i put in they both behave the same. Sheer...
  12. Misfire, then death

    Mechanical Advice
    OK so I spoke too soon. My 1988 XL600V occasionally cut out and re-started, but was not charging. I used the excellent flowchart from electrosport to try to find the problem, but in reality, its use was to give me the confidence to start pulling the bike apart, whereupon I discovered the...
  13. Laos and Cambodia by Africa Twin

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok, have fully recovered from the China trip, and have more or less caught up on everything on the home front. Time to roll baby ! This time I wanted to head over to Laos, and make one final attempt to get to the top of Lima 85. Then head to south Laos, into Cambodia,then end up in Pattaya. The...
  14. Not charging properly...

    Mechanical Advice
    Over the last few weeks I've had a problem with the battery on my Varadero not charging properly. It's a brand new Bosch battery, and I'm sure that it's okay. I'm not sure if the electrical system is doing its job though! When idling with lights off, I measure 13 volts across the terminals...
  15. Power (electrical type) issues.

    Africa Twin
    So, my bike isn't behaving that well. I'm just not charging enough, I think. New Reg., battery is OK, but if I drive with the headlights on, the bike begins to bog down. Are the stators usually a problem? Or is this a symptom of something else? Thanks
  16. Optimate3 permanent connection on bike even on the run?

    Africa Twin
    Just got a Optimate3 off ebay for ard US$58. Bought it mainly because its a battery optimizer and now im beginning to doubt whether this is really what im looking for. I did a search on this forum regarding Optimate usage and it seems to me that most of u guy use it mainly for charging the bike...
  17. missing when hot

    Africa Twin
    97' xrv750,Runs well on open roads but in traffic when she heats up starts missing and tries to cut out.Also backfires occasionally when starting.I have checked compression((front cylinder slightly low but nothing serious),valve clearances(Fine),cleaned out carbs,nothing changed.THE REGULATOR IS...
  18. Help needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Got a bit of a problem and the only place to turn was here, Tues -out on the bike , every thing ok wed nite- bike battery dead thurs- bike started ,warmed up but didnt go anywhere. Fri - bike started, did about a mile up then died. had to push bike up hill home , not nice Now I...
  19. they messed up my rec reg when fitting my alarm!

    Africa Twin
    well i had a abletronics absolute protection alarm fitted to my bike when i brought it bran new 2 years ago ,the guy came to my work to fit it he seemed to be having trouble fitting it he spent most of the time on the phone about what colour goes were!! well 2 hours later he said hes done great...
  20. so what can you do with an aged AT

    Africa Twin
    I've just bought a 1988 (vintage?) XRV 650 RD03, I'm yet another born again biker, alot of the new stuff is spectacular, but there's also alot of unecessary bits, thought I could strip out some of the excess....don't laugh I'm going to try it. 1) Filters anybody put K&Ns direct onto the carbs...