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  1. Steering Head Bearings

    Slight notch in the steering head bearings at the last MOT so taking no chances and changing them. I remember on the TA this was a bitch of a jobt, what's it like for Vara? Any tips? Cheers
  2. ARD cases, top notch panniers?

    Mechanical Advice
    After scanning the web for a set of affordable ali panniers, the ARD cases comes up on top most of the time. I can only find good press from owners of this luggage. I guess You folks subscribe to the same testimony? Or are there even better and more money worth ali panniers out there? /Kjell
  3. GS-911

    I've bitten the bullet and bought a GS911. I decided earlier on this year not to renew the warranty as last year I spent the bast part of a grand on warranty and servicing and that was with an extremely healthy discount. This year, assuming I did the same mileage along with the fact that I was...
  4. Steering head bearings

    So, a while back I noticed riding in a straight line felt a little vague. Even after a tyre change, still there, so thought I'd check bearings. With the bike on the stand, the bars move smoothly left and right. BUT, there seems to be a resting place when the wheel is pointing straight ahead. Is...
  5. Heading to the States

    Africa Twin
    Well the time has come. I'll be on a plane a week from tomorrow. They're coming to pack up the AT on Tuesday. Thanks to all here especially Jonathan at R/R. I haven't posted much, but this site has helped me a lot. Was able to do 14k kms on the AT since April and wish I could do twice that...
  6. Head bearings 2

    Since fitting the new taper roller bearings to my alp the steering feels very light and flickable,I suppose I had just got used to the notch in the old ball bearings,(stable on the autobahns tho.) Just wondered if this is the same feeling that Hanger 18 is feeling? On another matter alltogether...
  7. Nae Fear Soup Spillers Ride Out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    And so it came to pass that “Steve - Billy No Mates” decided to take a ride into the hinter lands that surround Loch Tay and exercise his right to ride his bike when & where he wanted. Eldest son wanted to stretch the legs of his latest ride – a BMW 1150GS with 41lt TT tank fitted, so he came...
  8. Really horrible sensation from front end - any ideas?

    Africa Twin
    T'other day I had to adjust my head bearings as they were a bit "catchy" - plenty of grease, seemed ok. Roll on to today and the following happened: Came to a roundabout, braked, then used engine to brake while turning in, first to the left to go onto the roundabout and then over to the right...
  9. 85 xr600 starting.

    afternoon folks.just finishing my xr 600 rebuild from a wreck,but it refuses to start off the kickstart.i got it started by towing it with my missus in our car!the bike is running rich as the plug is sooty .the bike is fitted with a k&n filter also a supertrap exhaust.both jets are 122 in...
  10. Handling not neutral. Is my AT frame bent ?

    Africa Twin
    Dear all, Bought a '98 AT in July last year, 12k miles, seemingly a very nice bike w/lots of history, HPI checked and no visible/paperwork sign ever been in a crash/fall... Would very much appreciate benefit of your advice (sensible) over a handling issue which is really bugging me...
  11. My paint project

    Africa Twin
    OK so my bike has been offroad for a little while, and I have been bored. So I thought Id have a go on photoshop and see if I could make my bike look better. After a little research on the net to get inspired, I got cracking on the editing, this is what I came up with. While doing the...
  12. Back from 4 week European trip!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    We got back 3 weeks ago and all this snow has given us the time to sort photos out - although some of the snow scenes will now have lost a bit of their impact! Breifly - we had 4 weeks off, no set plan except a 1 way ferry to Calais - and make it up as you go along......we had a really great...
  13. 86 xl600r running queries

    Hi guys Had my xl for a while now and after many hours of reading around, it seems that many of us have been plagued with this "bog" occuring once you snap open the throttle. A few questions first though I think that the model i have is an "RD" model but what is the difference between this and...
  14. XR200R Owners

    Are there many of you out there? I am now one after buying the bike that was on E-Bay a month or so ago. The guy I got it from bought it from the south coast and decided it wasn't for him and decided to sell it on. Very good condition for a bike of it's age, the only problem was it was...
  15. Return Spring issues

    I have a 1997 xr400r and I'm trying to reassemble my kick starter, but I can't get the tail on my return spring (the straight tail located on the I/D of the spring) to sink all the way into the hole on the kick starter shaft. The hole is pre-sunk and the tail can sit just inside the hole (as...
  16. Broken foot and a bent rim

    Africa Twin
    Hey lads and lassies, My current quest has stalled for the time being as in the dark of the early hours of the morning in the hills of Italy, a piece of steel somehow lodged itself into my rim and blowing my tyre as I was taking a bend. Im so lucky that I fell the way I did nothing worse...
  17. Replacing @ head bearings - idiots guide anywhere?

    Mechanical Advice
    I need to replace the head bearings on my @ - I have a serious "notch" in the dead ahead position. It´s not a job I´ve done before. Is it an easy job? Is there a step-by-step guide anywhere as my Haynes manual is a bit cr*p?
  18. my honda cbf 125

    Mechanical Advice
    right here goes. took my bike into the garage this morning because it had a notch on the head bearing. now the bike come out of the garage and they tell me the front disk break is warped. so i took it for a quick ride and i noticed stright away that my steering was quite heavey and the bike was...
  19. New chain and Sprocket

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Do you folks have any thoughts on a new chain and sprocket set (sprockets for both front and rear) for a 2000 Africa Twin. I currently have and AFAM set and this has lasted fairly well - ish. I ask as after getting some new tyres i noted that my chain adjuster is on it's last notch:o i...
  20. Thermals??????

    I normally just do with cheap and cheerful cotton long john's and long sleeve vests, over the years I've collected a fair few and they all seem to work. Has anyone got top notch modern thermals, the type that make you cringe when you see the price tag and are they really worth it. Stuff like...