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  1. A short ride out with a little history thrown in

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I'm sure the novelty of my new camera will wear off .................................................. .eventually:D but in the meantime
  2. Ducati multistrada

    Guys & Girls, I have test ridden many bikes over the past few years, including GS1200, GS800, Tiger, Tenere, V Strom, Transalp, Versys etc but I have just test ridden the new Ducati Multistrada. To say I was impressed is an understatement. The bike is just suberb. I could go on...
  3. Snowey Aberdeenshire to the road to the Islands

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well this is the view that greeted the wee Alp from its cosy winter hibernation… Saturday 3rd April 2010, This snow arrived over night last Wednesday.. Been a long winter in Aberdeenshire .. We have had snow lying since before Christmas.. The white Christmas novelty has really worn off…...
  4. Laos 2009

    As part of a longer trip to S.E. Asia my wife and I spent 5 days riding to the ancient city of Luang Prabang and back. I rented an XR 250 from Jules Classic Rental in Vientiane for 25$ per day. The bike was in very good condition and well worth the money. Jules Classic Rental, Rent bikes and Car...
  5. an alp in the jura

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    left home at 07:30 saturday. overcast & +/- 13°c. Rode over to a mate's to meet the others & after a quick coffee off we went. As the southern Jura & High Jura are what could be described as my old stamping ground, I had been volonteered to ride point. The ride down the N6 as far as chalon sur...
  6. On this day in history...

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    ...extract from my big trip blog... 06/07/05 - 07/07/05 Dubrovnik to Lefkada, 508 miles, 20 hours Dunno where to start with this one. Left Dubrovnik, tired from the night before after missing the last bus (whilst blogging) then having to walk some of the way home in the pouring rain and...
  7. need advice on hivis clothing

    Hello i have looked on this forum for other threads.. there must have been some chatter about hivis clothing.. but all i can fine is this I would like a nice red hivis coat type thing to go over my jacket. or some other groovy...
  8. Hello from a Africa Twin Newbie

    Africa Twin
    Just a quick post to say hello to everyone. I've been lurking around here for a bit, but now I've finally got through my test and got an Africa Twin, thought I'd better get around to registering and say hi. I passed my bike test a couple of weeks ago, and after a bit of a frustrating wait to...
  9. Just to say Hi

    Been a long time since I was last on this Forum, last February I seem to remember, when I bought a Suzuki [Jeep] to replace the AT. Still have the AT, it is started up once a fortnight, als it still has the same petrol in the tank. Took the bike for a short run last week and it still runs fine...
  10. Kick Start conversion?

    Africa Twin
    Anyone ever do one on their @? After my moaning about missing my old kick starter, mechie friend of mine has me half convinced I should do it on my @. Just for the novelty of it.