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  1. Changing silencer do I need to do anything with the carbs

    Africa Twin
    I am going to put a laser pro silencer in place of the original. Do I have to rebalance the carbs when I do this? If so what's the easiest diy way of doing this as a novice? What other things would I have to do? Cheers in advance Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  2. Members near P'boro?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi, Any members near Market Deeping up for some gentle green laning? Novice laner with T/A 650 keen to improve!
  3. Newbie with an AT itch to scratch

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all, Quick hello, my name's Dean, been riding sportsbikes for the last few years with the exception of an R1150GSA for a year and a bit. Didn't gel with it but it didn't diminish my enthusiasm for adventure-styled bikes. I've always liked the AT so I fancy one of them next, once I've sold...
  4. Thank You All

    Seeking more first hand, real world experience of DRZ400 ownership, I joined a certain SingleCylinder forum. Have to say that this XRV.ORG.UK forum seems a far more helpful, friendlier and tolerant place to be when asking novice/newbie questions. So, Thank You All for your assistance with my...
  5. Novice clutch/transmission? question - stalls in 1st but engine strong.

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm in Asmara, Eritrea in east Africa, high, hot, large day/night temp variation. Ashamed to say I have left my AT750 in the sun and unused for 8 months. Started first time (!) and engine running nicely, but I have a clutch or transmission problem... If I try and put it in 1st, obviously...
  6. Novice offroad tuition - interested?

    Last weekend I went on the big trail bike meet, camping near Bala, North Wales. Access to the campsite was via a half mile long, wet, muddy & stoney dirt track. Slipping & sliding along this track every time I wanted to go into/out of the site (with the back wheel going in one...
  7. novice welder

    Africa Twin
    Drop my AT in the mud the other day and have broken the speedo and tacho mounting plate :mad:- hopefully I can bodge this back some how. The right hand indicator mounting also took some of the knock and is nearly off - i recently bought a little arc welder. So hoping to weld back it back. Is...
  8. Novice Weekend , Wales.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts Novice weekend in June 7/8, Wales. Perfect for those wishing to try their bikes on trails but not sure of how to go about it.;) Already getting a lot of interest ( the April event was fully booked in 3 weeks !! and it was only...
  9. off-road novice

    Hi All My first post here so hopefully someone can help. I'm looking for somewher in the S/SW of England/South Wales to grab a bit of off road experience. Taking part in Enduro Africa at end of Oct and not managed a full days practice yet!:confused3: Bin riding big bikes for 10 year so...