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  1. Chatter
    My teenage son asked me what I fancied for fathers day and apart from a six pack I couldnt think of anything so this is what he got me.:D Happy fathers day to all you dads out there:thumbup:
  2. Africa Twin
    OK... Cut to the Chase, Front N/S HT lead broke away and part of it is still embedded on the Spark in the Pot... Bugger! :? All I was trying to do was change all the Plugs... Now it appears Ive got remove the NS Rad. etc. :( So the Question... Anyone know a good 'Fast' reliable...
  3. Africa Twin
    I've just bought a 1988 (vintage?) XRV 650 RD03, I'm yet another born again biker, alot of the new stuff is spectacular, but there's also alot of unecessary bits, thought I could strip out some of the excess....don't laugh I'm going to try it. 1) Filters anybody put K&Ns direct onto the carbs...
1-3 of 5 Results