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  1. My modified Dash

    Africa Twin
    A complete make over by removing existing original Speedometer/tripmeter. Replaced by a Trail tech "Vapour" AKA "Tripmeter/Speedometer" An analog Speedometer from Honda NSR125..with easy modification on connection cable.. RAM mount(Locked knob) with Garmin 60 CSx. 12V cigarette socket (With...
  2. Please help before i kill my bike

    In short I'm about 2 inches from selling my bike. I've had minor issues with my 1987 TA. Battery issues, break issues, clutch cable snapping on the second day of a 12 day tour issues. Now i have decided that I've finally had enough. Driving along the motorway on the way home from the...
  3. My (finally) modified AT plus two more

    Africa Twin
    In the end I decided to make my AT the way I really wanted it; quite expensive (don't ask!) but now I'm grinning from ear to ear. Here she is, plus two more that belong to a couple of friends and members of the AT club. We picked up all three yesterday... Inverted 50 mm front forks by...
  4. just chekin in!

    Africa Twin
    hi, been here a week now and just got online, missin my AT (never thought id say that) but not the weather, its mid 70s today here but cloudy, spent the day on the beach yesterday and started work today! been in the garage and started all the bikes! its nice bein "home" so to speak, i,l post...