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  1. 84-yr-old takes on 2 robbers

    Heart-warming story from Australia Elderly resident fights off armed intruders: police
  2. Nanger National Park, NSW Australia

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took a ride last weekend in Nangar National Park, close to Canowindra NSW, Australia. There has been a lot of rain lately, and all the creeks were running water. My helmet cam captured the ride nicely, but ran out of batteries just as I got my Varadero bogged in a soft muddy creek. We were...
  3. It's supposed to be winter in NSW Australia - Hill End

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    An excellent weekend !! , the weather was stunning !!! 12 of us met on the outskirts of Sydney, a real mixed bunch, 3 Dommies, 2 At's, 3 950's a 1200GSA , 2 640's and a lone Honda 230. We split up into 2 groups going slightly different routes, my group headed up Bells rd, had a coffee...