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  1. Engine advice

    hi all, im looking for abit of advice. am i right in thinking the engine used in a xl650 is the same as in ntv, deauvilles? im after a new engine and have found one from a 2003 ntv and was wondering if it willbe the same as my 2001 xl650?
  2. Re-listed due to timewaster.

    Found this ad on Gumtree, which states "THIS BIKE IS BEEN RELISTED BECAUSE OF A TIME WASTER". But, goes on to say, rather tellingly - "so ask your wife if you can have a motorbike before you come look". Hmmmm, wonder that that was all about? :D 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it...
  3. ntv parts on xrv650

    Africa Twin
    hello all, does anybody know if ntv650 hawk engine parts wil fit the XRV650 models ? or are the cams and heads different on these street bikes ? greetings from holland gerben
  4. lanky long legs

    lanky long legs

    i need a bigger bike!
  5. Hmmm...removing a shaft drive?? NTV 650 --> RD03

    Africa Twin
    OK... I'm seeing alot of 650s from the Honda NTV on Ebay. The NTV is suppose to have the same engine as a RD03. I finally saw a picture that makes me think that the shaft drive is just a bolt on unit, can anyone confirm this? Basically what I'm asking is: Can I remove the shaft drive without...