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  1. For Sale: Metal Mule Panniers For Sale £350

    For Sale / Wanted
    Metal Mule Panniers for Sale. £350. Here we have a very nice pair of Metal Mule panniers. 2007 vintage and only used Half a dozen times in anger and for a few commutes or shopping trips in between. 38litre capacity each. Usual top quality MM panniers they don’t make them like this...
  2. Torque settings for sprockets

    Varadero Technical Specs
    Does anyone know the correct torque settings for the front and rear sprocket nuts?
  3. Proud new owner XL1000 V5

    So just bought it its silver/black 2005 abs 22k on it,i have fitted a new front tyre(metzler tourance) have bought a new chain and sprockets and my question is,does anyone know the correct torque settings for the front sprocket and the nuts for the rear sprocket,i live in londonderry n.ireland...
  4. Swap: 2015 ktm duke 200 with dyna boost chip (unfitted)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am looking for a early 80s xr200r rolling chassis or full bike to direct swap for my duke, only bought the duke as couldlnt find the xr i wanted, duke sounds nuts and looks pretty radical with a rat look paint job and after market parts, needsa few tghings for first mot in october, just...
  5. Wanted: Wanted - RD04 nuts, bolts, rear wheel spacers, carb to airbox rubbers.

    For Sale / Wanted
    During our move a box has been misplaced :( Now I have time, space and money to start this rebuild. A lot of xrv rd04 have been broken for parts but no one seams to keep the little things ! Pricing these small items new, very expensive. Thank you. Safe Riding.
  6. Wheels Africa twin "MARATHON"

    Africa Twin
    Hello, Forgive me for my approximate English is that of GOOGLE translation ^^. I am selling this pair of wheels from 650 africa twin MARARTHON. These are real reinforced wheels (the rim is bigger at the spoke nuts and the spokes are bigger too). These rims come from my MARATHON who will go to a...
  7. For Sale: For Sale 2001 Africa Twin

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Mint condition with only 21 K. 8 months MOT. Centre stand, side stand. New front calipers with pads, new back pads, fully serviced with Fuchs oil, 2 keys. only 2 owners from new including me. New battery. New tyres that have done only 300 miles. Many items have been shot blasted, zinced and...
  8. Dommie build - rear peg options

    Dominator / FMX
    Right, im looking for some ideas to mount rear pegs on my dommie project. Would prefer them to be removable, as they will only be fitted if i take my son for a ride. See photo below. The only idea i could think of, is two weld two nuts on the inside of the curved upright, so i could then bolt...
  9. Design Fault with Front wheel Axle Holder

    Was doing a routine check and found that the front axle holder was broken and the nuts on the studs were so loose that they could come off by hand. Anyway as I do not have torque wrench I managed to snap 1 stud off and then was trying to put a temporary support plate which caused the other stud...
  10. For Sale: Africa twin RD03

    For Sale / Wanted
    Barn find/project picked her up a couple of years age with the intention of restoring, put a lot of money in her but still a lot of work to do, have no time or spare money so I think it's time she went to a good home, bad bits : windscreen missing, front indicator stems broken repaired for show...
  11. Advice on 1999 XL600v exhaust removal/replacement

    Hi, Please would somebody give me an advice on changing the exhaust downpipes? I'm always worried I may shear off the lugs that screw into the cylinder heads when I'm undoing the domed nuts holding the flanges. Also, is there a work around to not having the gasket between the downpipe and the...
  12. CRF1000L - Silver GIVI Outback pannier frames

    Africa Twin
    I recently bought a set of secondhand GIVI Outback pannier frames that were in a poor state due to off-road use. So I stripped the powdercoating and got them re-coated in a bright silver (work done by Micro Fusion in Bedford) The alloy catches at the top were restored with alloy wheel paint and...
  13. Rd07a exhaust downpipe nut torque settings

    Africa Twin
    I'm about to tighten the nuts holding the exhaust down pipe to the cylinder head on my 2002 RD07A. My Haynes manual tells me that the torque setting should be 27nm (or 20 lbft), which strikes me as a bit high considering that I've just done the same job on my CB1300 and the torque setting there...
  14. Nuts and bolt restoration - Trouble with rear brake pads.

    Dominator / FMX
    So I went to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes and completely tore my dommie apart for a restoration. I'm currently rebuilding it, and I've changed the pads on the rear, but there is only a pin to secure them on one end, which means that the pads won't stay in the caliper! What am I...
  15. Handlebar rubber mounts, can they be replaced?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi everyone. I have a 96 Dommie that I use for all sorts of travel on and off road. I noticed recently that the bars are moving more in the rubber mounts. Can the rubbers be removed and replaced? I tried tightening the nuts under the top yoke but still they seem to wobble more than before. I...
  16. Axle clamp cracked - XL700

    Just gave my 2009/2010 XL700 a really good clean. My forks are a bit battered and I looked at them closely with the aim of simply giving then a quick sand and a coat of hammerite. I noticed an odd mark on the axle clamp and upon closer inspection it turned out to be a crack running most of the...
  17. RD07 Oil change and little jobs.

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone. The AT has been my daily ride for a few days now and I absolutely love it. I want to change the oil and filter. The bolts holding the engine guard into the frame are seized and the hex is rounded off. So I need to drill them out. My question is do they bolt into nuts welded...
  18. Push cable on RD04 Throttle seems a bit loose?

    Africa Twin
    It's the pattern "Slinky Glide" one, and it seems to be a spot-on cable with smooth action and slide. It's replacing a Honda OEM one, which looks pretty much identical but was getting a bit "sticky", so I'm questioning OEM Honda here as much as pattern cables. There isn't any obvious...
  19. Shock replacement

    Dominator / FMX
    Hopefully tomorrow my new rear shock arrives. I started to get the bike ready tonight and have some questions. I removed the airbox, I'm no longer an airbox virgin but what a pain in the arse that is. I have always read how bad it is and yep it was bad. It didn't help I couldn't remove the...
  20. Brass nuts

    Dominator / FMX
    Nothing to do with cold weather! On the back of the headlight surround on the Dommie there are four nuts set into the plastic, into which the instrument / surround screws go. They're like short brass barrels with a threaded hole, and they're machined / knurled on the outside to help them grip...