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    Any one else watch this programme? Absolute nutters and there is only one outcome doing that sort of stuff! :shock:
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    My apologies if you've seen this before but this lot look like a right bunch of nutters :-D biedrusko 08,11,2009 africa twin - YouTube
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    I watched this on ABR and I just know you lot will love it. It is 20 mins long, but well worth the watch, and they are all fully loaded up with gear. :thumbright: Andy.
  4. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi peoples Im Kev alias kevsear on here thanks for the forum im a newby to this medium hope to meet loads of you on the tld 2010 we run an informal club out of deepest darkest north norfolk most of the guys used to run back in the early mid 90s with the where we goingers out of sheringahm...
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    Sorry but how stupid can you get
1-5 of 5 Results