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    I took the old Beemer down to my local Biker Cafe at the weekend and unlike my other bikes it generated a bit of interest amongst the patrons who are mainly ex forces (real or pretend), patch wearing rebels. I suppose all the rattling made them think it was a Harley :) Anyway I ended up...
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    Thought the Muricans were gonna elect a rich arrogant posh bloke for a while there..........who'd do that eh! :D :hitler: :cool: :angel1:
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    Just been watching the news and seen obama's in charge now. How did all those people manage to get the day off work at the same time. Either productivity is low in the States or thanks To Bush's administration they are the one's without jobs. Any views on that?
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    We see obama's had a victory in the states and will take office in January. My question is knowing how the Americans feels about there presidents how long do we think it will be before nut case decides to try and assassinate this one. He already has the highest security of any president in...
1-4 of 4 Results