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  1. Honda xlr125 no spark

    Hi ,I have rebuilt my Honda xlr125 after it had been stood 6 years , everything electrical works but I have no spark at the plug,I have checked the obvious things but still no spark any ideas. Regards Spunkdaddy
  2. XR and XL 250 which parts are compatible? which parts can donate from XR to XL 250

    So I have an XL250R and just realised how bloody awful it is to source parts, so I'm looking for donar bikes that have the same parts list, first and obvious choice is the bigger brother the XR250. Anyone know how similar these two are and if anyone has crossbred them already?
  3. Sticky Gearlever

    Africa Twin
    Hello lads. So today I found that my RD07 has a new trick up her sleeve. Cruising to a stop in first gear and then wanting to tap up into neutral is impossible. The gearlever feels well and truly welded into first gear. Cut the engine and she slides into N like butter. Am I missing something...
  4. 700VA Petrol tank material.

    I've not picked up the Transalp yet so can't do the obvious test but what is the petrol tank made of? Steel, Aluminium? I have an Oxford tank bag which is held on with magnets so wondering if it will still be of any use :) Nige
  5. i know its late but....

    i just got sent this link. could it work? what are the advantages, other than weight? disadvantages, aside from the obvious stress on the crank pins!!
  6. Clunking from front end.

    Hi folks, my 1989 transalp is clunking like mad when I ride over rough surfaces or speed bumps etc. I can't see anything obvious and just wandered if anyone has had similar problems or can offer some suggestions ? Cheers Baz
  7. No VIN plate?

    Ok, I've seen what looks a reasonably tidy, well priced bike (AT) for sale but it's some distance away. Anyway, looking at the pics, the vin plate is missing from the rh side of the frame... IF I was to view the bike, what else would be worth checking to make sure everything is kosher? Over &...
  8. The New Top Gear Team

    Apart from the obvious Guy Martin choice ... who else would pundits propose as presenter members of the next Top Gear team ?
  9. 16k service for a 2007 Vara

    I am taking advantage of the Xmas holiday to service the bike. I have read the owners manual which says that I need to do oil and plugs, as well as checking chain, brakes and other obvious bits. Is there anything else I should be checking, lubricating, greasing etc? I use the Vara as a daily...
  10. xl650v conversion

    Hi all... I have bought another bike to tour(fjr1300a) so i was thinking of converting the alp to a full time green laning bike on a budget. The obvious mods are Off road tyres Sump guard Proper handguards Anything else you would do? Also i am thinking of a respray to something more...
  11. Dominator electrical problem (no lights)

    Dominator / FMX
    I have lost all power to lights, indicators and horn and cant figure out the problem. The brake light and the side stand light are fine. When I turn on the ignition, the bike starts fine; I have checked the fuses and they are all ok but I am not sure what to look for next. Are there any obvious...
  12. 650 experts to answer re loose pipes and what they're for?

    been following this thread and interested to know what pipes he discovered coming from the carb inlets would be ? I've never owned a transalp but am just intrigued . apologies if it's obvious but It's niggling me !
  13. XL125 K2 headlamp

    It's a 6 volt sealed beam jobby. Anyone know where I can get one or an obvious replacement? Not listed at David Silver or any of the usual sources.
  14. Front brake lever wiring

    Africa Twin
    The brake light does not work on the handlebar lever. There's power to it and when that is connected there's power to the other connector when the lever is pulled in, so the switch is working. Any ide where the wire goes after that so I can look in the obvious places first?
  15. Stating the bleedin' obvious

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  16. Tacho question

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, My tachos stopped working and I was wondering where to start looking? All fuses seem to be fine and no obvious cable breakage.
  17. Hi everyone!

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Long time lurker here, created a forums account but only decided to say hello today (just noticed i haven´t done it yet, shame on me :oops:). Hope to share some knowedge and at the same time learn some my self :thumb: 1993 RD07, 78.000km (plus change), still going strong and showing no signs...
  18. What size of innertube

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    The tube on the XR400 is loosing a few PSI a week and it's probably only going to get worse so I should have a spare to hand when I pull the tyre to investigate. I see 18" tubes advertised as 4.10/3.50-18 the 18 bit is obvious but how do the other figures relate to the wheel width of 2.15? Is...
  19. European roadside assistance

    Has anyone any experiences of Europ Assistance? I'm looking to get some sort of breakdown cover / recovery in place that covers me for both the UK and Europe and IAM Surety (my current insurer) are pushing the above one for £60 a year and it does look pretty comprehensive. Anyone any other...
  20. Xr 4/600 difference?

    Hey all ,new to xrv and looking for a xr at the moment! Was wondering apart from the obvious capacity differences is there anything else that separates them? thinking 4 or 600 ? Any help?