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off-road fun

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    Click here if You have time to peruse more pics of Heavy Duties off-road Romanians having fun doing what we all wish we could be doing too !
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    YouTube - DTV - one year progress
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Here we go then; Euro no. plate Rare 5 star Givi top box rack Honda centre stand RD04 seat (re-padded) 2 new ECU's - 1 fitted in '06 and 1 fitted in '08 Stainless steel Predator silencer - fitted '06 Wheels with Gold anodised rims and stainless spokes - fitted '06 Braided brake lines - fitted...
  4. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi folks, I'm Dogwheel, mainly because my house is called The Dogwheel, as it has a dogwheel, which is like a great big hamster wheel and was used to turn meat on a spit, many years ago, driven by 1 dogpower. I am of advanced years and therefore have too many motorbikes, mostly of little value...