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  1. Time for a new helmet

    My twin passed her MOT today after my off in december , but i cant ride her with my Shoei that i use on my gsxr (please dont be offended i am sensible) ;) So the last few weeks i have been putting off buying a Tour X in anticipation of the new Shoei Hornet DS , i have spoken to Bridges Exeter...
  2. Centre stand & Footrests

    Hi all Just out of interest does anyone know the weight of the centre stand? Iv'e made my own which is QD it cannot be left on the bike but can be packed with the gear in case its needed, it fits and removes in seconds Tried to put some pic's up (maybe it will work this time!!)as Im'e not...
  3. Pillion & pillion + luggage..?

    Hi there. I've ridden a fair amount since being a kid but it's only sometimes my main mode of transport (like now) and I went 15-years without climbing on a bike (early eighties to mid-nineties). Was retrained and took proper bike licence then. Having survived them, I'd say my nutter days are...
  4. I think this would improve british TV....N.S.F.W

    Saw an item about this in the sunday mail,they said the chick in the video is 37 and had 3 kids,I'm getting some monday if she is, I reckon we need more ads like this on telly tho',like they do in mainland europe,I would'nt be offended neither was the wife when she saw the feller with the...
  5. Oz - a taste of tasmania

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tasmania is Oz's Island state and a great place for biking , this was my 5th trip down from the mainland and I cant wait to go again, amazing roads, great scenery and fantastic food mmmmmm. There was me (Africa Twin 750), Rob (KTM950), Margaret (R6), Mike(1150GSA), Nick (XTZ660), Steve(100GS)...
  6. MIDLANDS Ride Tomorow

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi all, Any one in the wider midlands area (Mag / Geo / DaveS..dont know where anyone else dont be offended and when i said wider i do mean wider) up for a ride tomorrow Dec 24th) street only but i'll likely be two up so it will be a slower one. Dont care where? It would be a good...
  7. Which grease?

    Right. Which is the correct grease for lubing bits that are in close contact with rubber? Copper grease seems to effect the rubber and makes it soft and floppy (ooer). I think it's the white grease but does anybody know / recommend a brand to get? cheers rob ps. merry christmas to all & sod...
  8. Laser Produro

    Africa Twin
    Just a quick couple of observations about this exhaust. When I bought the bike a couple of months ago, it had the standard can fitted, but came with a Produro can. Due to circumstances far too dull to go into here, I haven't had chance to fit the Laser until this weekend, and what a difference...