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  1. Chatter
    Make it the National meeting in Norfolk 7-9 September. Just in case new members have not seen this, please make sure as many people as possible are aware. It's gonna be a great weekend.
  2. National Meets
    We're booked into Broad Farm camping and Caravan site with James' (Jaqueslemac's) band due to play on the Saturday night. There is a bar/ club that serves meals on site, which is open until midnight. We will have a field all to ourselves and can, if we feel the need, put up a marquee there...
  3. Transalp
    A bit over 2 weeks ago, a friend of my next door neighbour managed to reverse her car into my bike - and down it went... Could have been worse - bent handlebars, damaged pillion peg, scuffed handguard, indicator, and scuffed fairing scuff-guard (those silvery offical Honda accessories - it...
  4. Africa Twin
    Yes, it's AT will be heading home with wifey on sunday, via Greece, Italy and Austria... It worked out the cheapest and most efficient option as registering the car here was gonna cost around 2500E*, plus I'd have to take the bike up to Bulgaria. Anyway, it's cheaper to send the...
  5. The Longest Day
    I have decided to an iron butt ride SS1000, planning to do it in August 2010. I have setup an just giving page (not 'offical' TLD2011 just giving page), All the funds i raise are for the MAWF (our charity this year) and can/will be counted towards our total for TLD2011 feel free to...
  6. Riding
    I was given this great little magazine a while back, called Triple, and it's "The offical magazine of the motor cycling club". In it there's lots of great pictures of people on their bikes, and in cars doing trialling. Essentially there are 3 trials a year, and you can finish these at varying...
  7. Great Roads/Routes
    Hi everyone is this the only offical " Road Signed " Ford in N.Ireland it is in Warrenpoint . The G.P.S. Location is N 54.06.293 .... W 006.13.755 . It is only about ten feet wide about eighteen inches deep but has got a very rocky bottom quite tricky to cross . fw750x
  8. Africa Twin
    Bit of a long shot here. Just bought a Krauser K5 luggage system from EBay, but unforunately the chap forgot to include the fitting instructions. Don't suppose anybody here knows where I can download some fitting instructions or a website that may have them? Tried the offical Krauser website...
1-8 of 9 Results