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  1. CRF1000L rear shock on XRV750 RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi, did anyone try the rear shock of the CRF1000 on an RD07. First , will it fit dimensionally and how does it behave. I find the CRF rear suspension more comfortable and want to fit the shock on my RD07a. The CRF shock can be found relatively cheap as second hand, and saves the investment in an...
  2. Xrv750 centrestand with ohlins

    Africa Twin
    Hi, does anyone have fitted or know if a centrestand is long enough to work with an ohlins shock and fork extenders fitted. I am thinking of buying one and wonder if it will need extending to enable it to work correctly. Many thanks, Jason.
  3. One more question about suspensions!!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have a RD07, completely original and in good shape, only some minor cosmetic issues. I found and bought an USD forks & the respective triple clamps from a 950 Adventure. I see a guy that kept the same wheel, discs, speedometer, in summary only swapped the forks and the triple clamps...
  4. New SD01 Owner in South Australia

    Finally got my first decent ride on this new acquired bike today. :D After a little suspension and carby tuning, I think I'm going to like it! My main concern is how much the fairing rattles and moves about on rougher tracks. Not sure what I can do about it, though. It came with lots of...
  5. New guy from Barossa Valley South Australia

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all, Go back 16 years..... I was walking with my wife and saw my first XL1000V. I definitely remember saying how it looked like something I'd like to own. Last Saturday, I bought one on a whim. :D It's a1999 model with 64000km on the clock, genuine luggage, 2 screens, Ohlins shock, SWM...
  6. ohlins rear shock

    What's it worth?
    For Africa Twin RD07 and RD07a in excellent condition what do you guys think its worth?. I may sell not sure yet.
  7. For Sale: Ohlins upgrade 650 Transalp

    For Sale / Wanted
    I had an uprated Ohlins spring with adaptors fitted by Kais in Atherton before our Greece trip back in '08 (blimey!). Stock spring rate is 13.2kg/mm as I recall, the Ohlins 15kg/mm and it does carry the weight better without being hard/harsh solo. £70 posted. I can fit to a decent spare...
  8. Swap: Swap; Suzuki TL1000s. For an NX650 Dommie.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I love my TL but all my riding is around town and it's just frustrating! Im looking to buy a big traily so I thought Id put the offer out there. !998 TL1000s. -Ohlins rear shock. -K-Tech fork internals. -Yoshi pipes -steering damper -new battery. -C&S 500 miles ago. -Long MOT The paintwork...
  9. STOLEN Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, Not so much a thread, but our beloved AT was stolen on 17 Sept from Pembury, Kent. :(:( It's got a broken speedo so if you know of anyone trying to fix it or sell it, let me know! Also, it's got gorgeous ohlins shocks, so if you come across any of those being flogged... Reg N185 XDC. Ta...
  10. ohlins shock recalls

    Mechanical Advice
    I dont know if this is old news or not but thought i'd post it up just in case
  11. Fork oil

    Africa Twin
    Back Ohlins sorted & now onto the forks, ordered a set of intiminators from the states. Whilst they're off they're going to be stripped & re powder coated, question is how much fork oil does the @ take (think it's 5wt with intiminators) & what's the best to get?Also what's the story with fork...
  12. Ohlins rear shock.

    Africa Twin
    Had an issue with my Ohlins rear shock ie service, weight related spring fitted & had to have a new crown fitted as the original one had cracked! Many thanks to John at Revs suspension in Halesowen in Birmingham who did an outstanding job. Question is if anyone has the same unit fitted, where...
  13. Saturday trip on forrest roads in Norway

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a nice trip on some forrest roads saturday, and testes out my gopro cam at the same time. The result can be seen here: Its cool to see the suspension working, made me tempted to upgrade to a ohlins rear shock. Nice view from the end of the road:
  14. need suspension setup and dyno work done essex area

    Africa Twin
    Well lads any good recommendations for bike places local for this kind work?going fittin a secondhand ohlins and getting fork seals,progressive springs and new oil in the forks so want it all setup right together,fitting a can as well so would lie a rejet to gey the most out of it
  15. fitting Wilbers shock with external preload adjuster

    Africa Twin
    Hi there Has nyone fitted one of the Wilbers shocks with external preload adjuster to RD07A? I'm trying to choose the proper place for external preload adjuster and just can't get the idea of what was the intended place to fit the adjuster's mounting plate which came with the shock. It has two...
  16. Suspension upgrade

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, I have seen several threads about improving the suspension of the Dominator but most of them are old. For the rear shock I have seen basically: Wilbers, Hagon, Hyperpro and Ohlins (not really and option for price) For the front suspension I have seen progressive springs from Hyperpro...
  17. For Sale: Rear jack up kit

    For Sale / Wanted
  18. Not another monoshock question from the scouse git in Denmark.

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings chaps, I have found an Ohlins TTX 44 Mk 2 from a Husaberg supermoto for sale and was wondering if it can be modified to fit my dommie project. All I can find out is that its 4.5 cm shorter than the dommie mono between the bolt holes. This will obviously reduce the ride hight which is...
  19. Shocking question.

    Dominator / FMX
    To celebrate my getting a job:blob6::blob5::blob4::blah5::happy2::happy2::angel5::wav:, I have decided to blow my first pay cheque on a decent shock for my flat tracker project. As Sweden is only 100 miles away, I was thinking of finding a second hand Ohlins unit online. Does any one know of any...
  20. Dommie carby access and monster airbox hindering this

    Dominator / FMX
    I have just completed an upgrade of the rear shock spring, and have gone thru the complete dismantling of the bikes rear end. During this mammoth outting I was astounded with the difficulty of access to the carby due mainly to the enormous and cumbersome airbox, and in turn, the need to remove...