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  1. Discounts / Deals
    Need Promo code for my bike oil. Any recommendation?
  2. XL
    Hi All Anybody know how much fork oil inthe 1986 xl600 LMF forks, XR 600 shows arouns 455ml, so i am thinking the same althoug the forks are a different construction, also best weight of oil for Uk (north climate) Any help appreciated John
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys I have just had a rebore on my 92 Donnie. What oil should I be using to bed the rings and bore. Should I stay away from semi synthetic?, Should I use some cheap oil for 500 miles then change filter and oil for some semi synthetic? Your thoughts please
  4. CRF - New Forum!
    hi all , i have posted this before but with no answer so i thought i try again , any advice on what oil to use in a gearbox on a 2005 crf450x:joker:
  5. Africa Twin
    Hey guys! Im swapping over to a set of yacugar progressives in front. Can anybody suggest an oil weight? Im looking for a stiffer, sporty type handling but not shake your teeth hard.
  6. Dominator / FMX
    is it a simple job on these and any pictures of where the two drain plugs are please noticed the oil filter is on the side case looking at a fmx on youtube
  7. Africa Twin
    Anyone had experience with using Smith & Allan oil in their (old) Africa Twin? Smith & Allan Motorcycle Oil 10w-40 Semi Synthetic | Buy oil, lubricants, greases and more from Smith and Allan Seems to meet all the right standards, etc., but at less than £3 per litre when delivered in a 20 litre...
  8. Dominator / FMX
    Hi all I have searched the forum but can't find an answer to my query. I have a '99 SLR650 which I intend to give regular oil changes, however motorcycle specific oil is much more expensive than car oil. I have always used car oil in my BMWs and British bikes but have read dire warnings of...
  9. XL
    Rebuild is almost finished and engine is back in one piece and in the frame so its time for the oil, going to use 10/40 but not sure whether to use mineral, semi synthetic or fully synthetic, as the oils about at the time of production were mineral based thought I'd use that but open to...
  10. XR
    I have a 2006 xr250 which needs a solenoid. Can anybody tell me if any outher model year will fit as searches coming up blank.
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi Lads! This is a video I made on a ride out from Hanoi last year. Let me know what you think of this way of shooting ... brings a bit more variation than just having the camera on the helmet, me thinks. Remember to watch it in HD ... took me bloody 6 hours to upload!
  12. Africa Twin
    Back Ohlins sorted & now onto the forks, ordered a set of intiminators from the states. Whilst they're off they're going to be stripped & re powder coated, question is how much fork oil does the @ take (think it's 5wt with intiminators) & what's the best to get?Also what's the story with fork...
  13. Other Honda
    Hi all, Over this weekend I had a Honda Goldwing F6B Bagger to play with. I have ridden full on wing before and the bagger definetely feels lighter and more agile...almost sporty! I first set off to get some breakfast and headed to a little cafe in Odiham, Hampshire. I love the flat...
  14. Africa Twin
    I could do a search but I'm a lazy fekker and there are not enough recent posts any how :rolleyes::D RD04 fork oil, I'm getting conflicting recommendations from SAE 5W to 10W, I've still got 15W from the Varadero I'm not planning on rally stuff but worry 15 may be too viscous. Got progressive...
  15. Varadero
    What's the fork oil volume in an xl1000 ('02 plate), and what would the standard oil weight (is that the right term) ? Carrying me round it feels a little soft, I think I'll go up an oil when I get it done.
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    Hi all,I am off to Vietnam early wednesday morning and will be ravelling from Ho Chi Min to Hanoi by road and rail. The part I am already way too excited about is doing a repeat of the Top Gear route up the Hai Van Pass on a motorbike (probably a minsk or other crazy two wheeled thing) between...
  17. Varadero
    Hi Folks, I have an older 2001 Carbadero which has been recently using a little oil, nothing too serious just needs 1/4 litre top up every 2-3 months, I ride it everyday and do about 40-50 miles on average. It also did a 3k mile trip round Europe in the summer :) I do have a little mechanical...
  18. Africa Twin
    Will I affect the longevity of my engine (RD07a) if I run it with fully synthetic oil please?
  19. CRF - New Forum!
    My lad has had his bike about 4wks now and 500miles later, drained the oil and only 100ml came out. Are we looking at rings or is there something common with these. The bike dealer in preston gave it a full service before he took it. Any ideas would be much appreciated. The bike is an 04 Cheers...
  20. Dominator / FMX
    I broke down yesterday On inspection The alternator side is filled with engine oil not good ! Is it a complete engine out split engine? Obviously a seal has gone, to replace it can I do it with the engine in situ? Do I need special tools? or can I use a 3 legged puller? to drag the rotor...
1-20 of 61 Results