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oil change

  1. Oil change

    Dominator / FMX
    Alrite lads I'm going to change my oil and oil filter today could any tell me exactly how much oil to put in
  2. new to crf ! which oil ?

    CRF Technical Specs
    hi guys, iv just bought a 05 crf450r and its the first time iv owned a crosser and i want to do a oil change on both sides! whats best ? im thinking castrol power 1 semi 10/40, thanks chris
  3. Which engine oil do you use?

    Its time for an oil change and again I turn to the forum for advice. Does anyone have a favourite? If so, why?
  4. ooops !

    Tonight in the Middlesea ... Narrow margin of error, tense, but no overflowing spillage ...
  5. BMW R 80 ST what oil ?

    hi to everyone on forum , i have just purchased a lovely 1983 bmw r 80 st , i would like to give it an oil change , could someone please advise what type of oil is best suited to bike , any advice much appreciated . rich
  6. New used Varadero - First oil change

    A few years ago I traded my Kawi Versys for Burgman 650. Last week I traded the Burgman for a Varadero. Oil changes on the Versys were a breeze. On the Burgman, it was a pia. I was hoping the Varadero would be easier. Removing the skid plate and putting it back on was a bit of work. Are there...
  7. What size is the oil filter wrench?

    Africa Twin
    As I already have one for the 7R it might fit the AT if I knew what size the AT filter is. So, can anyone tell me what size is the filter wrench or else what the measurement across flats on the filter is? This will just save me buying one off ebay then finding out it is the same size as my...
  8. Reminder : when checking oil level .Keep the bike UPRIGHT whilst idling beforehand

    Dominator / FMX
    just thought I'd remind people the importance of keeping the bike upright rather than on it's sidestand when doing the 5 min idle beforehand . I'd forgotten and after doing a recent oil change became worried I'd blocked a pipe ( after cleaning the screen ) as the 2litres of oil wasn't...
  9. For Sale: Selling my Africa Twin.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have the chance of a very nice 955 Tiger so it looks like the AT will have to go.Its an RD07a,1999 bike,MOT till Xmas,tax till Jan 2013,39000 miles.Crashbars,heated grips powered by a switched relay so no leaving them on by mistake,chain oiler,Hel stainless hoses.Seat modified by GA Wells at...
  10. My Tenere

    Well today was the day it was supposed to be unveiled. Ive had it a few weeks now and it got stripped down for some much needed love. cabbage said he would come today and help me fettling.............. as Im a self confessed biff:D when it comes to spannering. However I had the bike ready for...
  11. Motorcycle oil

    Will be doing an oil change soon for my '07 Transalp...which is the best oil available? I have these 3 in mind: Castrol Power 1 15w-50, Shell Advance VSX4 10W-40 and Silkolene Super 4 10W-40. All three are synthetic based. Thanks for any thoughts!
  12. Sold: 'Trustys Twin' 1995 RD07 Africa Twin

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Breaks my heart but house move forces sale of my May 1995 Africa Twin, I have owned her since August 2011 and only done @1700 miles on her so she is a complete luxury and needs to go to someone who has the space and time for her! Please see additional photos in my member gallery and video link...
  13. For Sale: Trustys twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    Trustys Africa Twin RD07 with aluminium panniers Breaks my heart but house move forces sale of my May 1995 Africa Twin, I have owned her since August 2011 and only done @1700 miles on her so she is a complete luxury and needs to go to someone who has the space and time for her! She is...
  14. Oil change without bashplate removal

    Hi Am about to change the oil on my xl700 for the first time (it has been done previously by Honda but I am trying to save money on their services). I have the SW Motech crash bars on the bike and the Honda fog lights - both of which have to be removed in order to take off the plastic sump...
  15. Sold: Africa twin

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    1996 RDO7A with 26500 miles new mot etc, offers over £2250 fully refurbed front brakes rear brake has been overhaulled with a new braided hose and seals. Oil change and filter for Mot. Body work is not to bad for 1996 but does have some marks. Output shaft seems ok with just a bit of slack
  16. Report on my Rider (by Vigor Tonans)

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello fellow Honda 650s Here is a quick report on my rider - BigSingle 1. He seems to be housetrained and increasingly confident 2. He recognised me immediately as a male bike, despite many years with a Ducati 3. As a retread rider he has responded well to my training – he changes...
  17. Sender unit

    So while the TA is stripped apart awaiting some new bits an bobs from Lings on the rear end I decided to drop the old log book owner a line to find out if he knew of any possible faults on the bike and when it was last serviced and anything else he cared to tell me. It was basically pleasing to...
  18. Transalp 700 questions

    Could anyone tell me what the recommended service intervals are for the 700 Transalp. My present 600 requires an oil change every 8000 miles. Is this the same for the 700? Also, what sort of mileage are you getting from the 700? i'm not a mad rider so general fuel consumption figures are what...
  19. Totally rookie rider - some tech help wanted, any extra advice welcome as well

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello everyone! I very recently happened upon a low cost purchase opportunity. A friend of mine is moving to another European country for a new job and he was looking to sell his FMX 650. I've been on the bike as a passenger quite a few times, he's someone i trust (so i knew he wasn't lying...
  20. xr 250 oil level

    I have read that after a oil change with filter this bike should hold 1.4lts. its a 96 model what is confusing is the dip stick in the frame , it has 3 marks on it i assume low. med. high. but about 2" above these marks is another mark ?? what is this mark for ?? and do you check the level with...