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oil level

  1. xr 400 oil level ,

    is the oil supposed to spit out when you rev the bollox of it when the filler cap is off ?? mine doesn't , does this mean oil pump renewal ?? before I rev it to death ???
  2. oil level check fmx 650

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all wots best way to check oil level on fmx does it need to be hot or cold dipstick in or out lol god its a bobby dazzler of a bike thanx oaky
  3. engine oil level

    Africa Twin
    hi all, where is the engine oil level supposed to be at on the Honda xrv? there are 2 marks on the dip stick,when on the main stand, is it between the 2 marks?? thanks for the feed back!!
  4. rd04 fork oil

    Africa Twin
    Fork Air Pressure - 0 - 5.7PSI Fork oil capacity - 635cc in each fork Front fork oil level from top of stanchion (leg fully compressed) 118mm Ok... but is that with the springs in/out????
  5. Amazing what too much oil can do!

    Africa Twin
    I had the oil and filter changed last week, and was happy-go-lucky ... until saturday, where one cylinder cut out, and I had to thump my way to the mechanic on just one cylinder (is this bad?) The front plugs were totally black, so he changed them, and all was well again. When I got back home...
  6. Fork oil measuring tip (installing Intiminators)

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads, Thought I'd share a little idea I stumbled upon yesterday, when installing the Intiminators. Surely someone MUST have done this before and it's probably completely common knowledge, printed on some of the very first page of the big Change Fork Oil manual, but here goes anyway ... just...