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  1. Free: Free - Transalp 650 standard exhaust.

    eBay - XL
    Goimg free. Removed from bike when it was almost new. Its going in a skip if no ome wants it. You pay postage or collect for free from Birkenhead. Ta Sent from my G7-L01 using Tapatalk
  2. Oil pump

    Dominator / FMX
    I have read on other forums that the oil pump is a a big cause of head failures on the RFVC 650. Apparently the pump fails under certain conditions namely old oil and high temps and when this happens the pump stops distributing oil to the head but just moves the oil around inside the pump. There...
  3. Ome pump mod

    Africa Twin
    Hi there Boy's n Girls its question time again, I have just done, or think I have ie the bike runs, the below mod as I wasnt happy with anyones reasoning as to why two different facet pumps I tried were intermitantly noisy. How do I check with my multi-meter the wattage that is running through...
  4. If Carlsberg did Garden Gnomes

    I took the Triumph out for a wee birl today, to get some much needed mileage on her for the first service. Stopped off in Moffat and took this picture, Jealousy is not something I normally feel..... but this guy has the best garden ornament ............. I want it !!!!!!!
  5. National / sponsorship/ Sharrie & Debs

    Past National Meets
    Thank You :thumbup: Thank you to all of you who donated money ( you know who you are) sorry for letting loose our combat gnome (Hudders) to collect the money but you know what he's like once on a mission you can't stop him :D:D:D All together you donated £340 :hello1: which has been split...
  6. So long,farewell,Auf Wiedersehen,goodnight,I hate to go and leave this pretty site

    Dropped off my old '96 Transalp and picked up a CBF 600 SA on Saturday. The brakes are phenomenal and it corners like it's on rails. It's very forgiving, changing course mid-corner takes just a wee nudge on the bars without any drama. Doubling the cylinders makes a big difference right...
  7. Hey MPJ

    Have a look or sale As new Forcefield Back Protector Pro Level 2 Size Medium £50.00 INC Delivery next day Paypal gift please , if you pay the fee Paul Info : The Forcefield Back Protector Pro Level 2 is CE approved and uses Nitrex and Repeat Performance Technology to provide phenomenal...
  8. Going up the Wall...

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    ...Hadrians Wall that is. I had a ride out to see a mate today and took the indirect route through Naworth and Lanercost. Naworth Castle dates back to the early 14th century and still the home of the Howard family, who also own Castle Howard in North Yorkshire. Naworth Castle...
  9. 1997 TransAlp Parts List and Pictures

    Does anyone have the parts list and (axonometric blowouts) pictures that dealers have showing the parts on a 1997 Honda XLV600 TransAlp? The bike origionaly is from Italy and is red in color. It has two front discs for breaks and has a center stand. I think the front wheel mud guard has a...
  10. A satisfied customer

    Dominator / FMX
    It's a glorious day here in Norn Iron! Just back from a good long run around the Ards Peninsula on my SLR. What a revelation, the bike impressed on so many levels that it begs the question, why did the SLR recieve such a luke warm reception? It's a single. It performs, sounds and feels as a...
  11. Wanted: xr650 brake caliper bracket

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Guys just changed my brakes from super moto back to OME, but don't have the bracket from the calliper to the fork. does any body have one and want to sell me one please.:thumbup:
  12. Is it OCD....

    ...just because I like to finish off my frequent (bike) cleaning sessions using the scrunched up corners of a trigonometrically-folded kitchen towel to dry off all the allen bolts + fixings?? My other, better half thinks it might be... Here, there's an unwashed cup on the table over there...
  13. Silencers, NAH

    Dominator / FMX
    Just thought Id let you all know that Ive randomly found a wierd two into one silencer (if you can call it that) in my cars boot, so I put it on the Dommie and WOW!!! The noise is phenomenal!!! Didn't think It would sound that good I must say. Made a mistake of taking it out for a couple of...
  14. This will drive you nuts !

    Chatter 11.88 seconds !!!!!!!!! > This will drive you nuts!! > > The object of the game is to move the red block around > Without getting hit by the blue blocks or touching the black walls. > > If you can go longer than 18 seconds you are...
  15. 666

    Bit nervous of this post, it is my 666 post. I am not feeling very well this evening 2 big lumps on my head and what looks like faint numbers appearing on my scalp ,and i am also going a very red colour. Oh well i guess a paracetemol and watch the Omen films tonite will sort everything out.
  16. My XRV 650

    Africa Twin
    Hello from Norway. Thank you all for this informative forum... I was thinking that it is time for presentation of my "Babe": Ok... my bike is 1988 mod XRV 650 RD03 with 82000 klm, open model 57 HP. My changes during the years: New color (Inspiret from the 1982 mod. XL 500S), Technoflex...
  17. Calling scientists and clever folks!

    What is the name of the force/motion/process that turns a neatly coiled headphones cable turn into a plaited knotted mess in your coat pocket after 5 seconds???? :evil: :? it is the same phonomenon i presume that affects extension cables no matter how carefully you loop/coil them!?!?! I...
  18. If you only fit one accessory.....

    Africa Twin
    ...I suggest you go for wider pegs. See picture - original on the left. I've just fitted IMS pegs which Jim Rowley (on this site) sent me from the US. Mine cost $105 which is about £61. They are almos twice the width of the originals and VERY grippy. Took me about 15 minutes to fit, but only...
  19. Windscreens

    Africa Twin
    Hi all i'm looking for a new windscreen ,As the ome on is to low as i'm 6'4 . i have been looking at the Mra Varioscreen but not shore ? or Touratech. look forward to hering you feed back andy :lol:
  20. AT fuel pump

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Just a question about the fuel pump ? I have been told that a Ford Escort fuel pump will fit and work a lot better than a stand honda ome one is this true ? And if not what is the best replace for it. Regard's Andy