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  1. Africa Twin
    This is a strange one... When I start the bike on the side stand and use choke the bike idols around 1200rpm, BUT if i lean the Bike over untill it’s level then the revs climb to 2500-3000rpm. This only happens with the choke on. when I’m moving the bike on or off the side stand the handle...
  2. Transalp
    Guys... I don't want to start a war or anything and I know the 1200gs is a better specified bike but my mate loaned me his for a ride this am and guess what, I prefer my 650v.... We were doing countrylanes and gravel paths so on a motorway I might change opinion but my alp is smoother...
  3. Transalp
    Hi Folks, told you the questions would start. When I switch on my indicators they don't flash for about 5 seconds then work fine. Happens both sides, engine on or off. Any help appreciated.:confused:
  4. Chatter
    Hi All Just to say there a New Blog up on the site for your enjoyment. The TransAlp Tracey Brothers hope you all had a great week and got out and had fun both on or off the bikes. Many Thanks TTB's
  5. Chatter
    Hi everybody. I have decided to turn a new leaf and have a go at off roaders. I will have to ride on the road to get to the off road area so what do I need? I want a lightish bike around the 250? mark. I also want a popular make and it needs to be a reliable bike. Just dont know where to start...
  6. XR
    so got a xr600 93, it has the honda switch gear with just a dip/main beam on it, so kick start and lights are on. so i have got a on/off rocker switch and i want it to be able to turn both front and rear lights on/off when i choose, just unsure of where to plug it to get it to do both the...
  7. Everything Orange - KTM
    Hi, The clutch on my 05 adventure 950 is like an on/off switch, there is hardly anything from fully in to fully out but it doesn’t seem to be dragging. Only had the bike two weeks and its been like that since I got it so I was just wondering if everyone else is the same. If not what can I do...
1-7 of 7 Results