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  1. Ulster Grand Prix - Highlights shortly....

    High guys, if twiddling your thumbs the UGP highlights are on BBC Player or via web at 10:35 shortly and via : 'Film', select UK Live TV and then BBC NI. Was great last night with onboard cams. Fastest road race in world, used to wander up the road there as a kid. Well, enjoy if its...
  2. 2009 Triumph Thruxton ! My Bike

    Triumph and with Suzi onboard ! :blob3: for some reason I can't get the pictures to " stick" so here are the links
  3. Hundred Ln

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Little clip I made on the way back to the ferry from last years National. Hundred Ln Colchester - YouTube Hundred Ln in Colchester, apparently. First thing I actually uploaded from my little onboard camera. Not HD, but not too bad for a cheap little camera at around 8ish at night.
  4. Caption for 'baby onboard'' needed

    Have found a place that makes up the diamond shaped signs aka 'princes onboard' etc I want to make up one for the Africa twin ! Come on you wise sages and left lobe mature peeps Need a witty line for the @ Prize for the one chosen is I will have one made for you and even post it!
  5. Road testing an onboard camera or two.

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Have fitted the handlebar grip of my new ATC5k camera this afternoon, will take the Adventure out tomorrow to road test the camera for the first time. Am hoping the PHDS (progressive handlebar dampening system) and the old piece of inner tube below the grip will reduce vibration and improve the...
  6. On-Board camera systems

    Hi Just a quick note to anybody interested in on-board mini bullet video cameras for recording just what you get up to in your spare time. This is our new website If you get time then please check out our dogcam and dogcam pro range. There is plenty of info on the...