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  1. Oooo, nice new sticker

    Just stuck this one to the front of the GS . . . . Nice place to visit, if your in the area :thumbup: ;) Steve T :cool:
  2. Applecross - "the long way round"

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The plan was simple enough - Bank holiday weekend, a few of us scoot up to Scotland, have a run over the pass to Applecross, eat then come home. What could possibly go wrong, best laid plans & all that...... Keith (1050 Sprint) & I would meet Kev (929 'Blade) at Red Roosters, Penrith at 2.30...
  3. Pimp my ktoooom

    Everything Orange - KTM
  4. Trip computer

    Africa Twin
    I like possibly a few others on here have been keeping an eye on the trip computer (and dials) on eBay. With no bids and 1 day to go I was thinking oooo going to get a bargain, but a bidding war has started and is already up to £113. I do have my original and even have the parts I think that...
  5. Dodgems

    Don’t often commute on the old @, in fact it’s not been out properly since, oooo, October maybe…? But Good God is it a battle for survival out there! Granted, thick fog + 10 miles of Scotlands busiest motorway didn’t help, but I’d swear someone had sellotaped a large bullseye to my back with the...
  6. Highlanders in the Hills

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Got a few of the Highlanders together for a run up the Pass of the Cattle today. There was a plan to try and meet up with the Lowland contingent, who had decided to stage a minor, two pronged invasion, with Outrunner taking the Low road to Fort Bill, whilst Boris & Ben took the High road to...
  7. Glencoe pics - Scottish Six Days

    Well the weather was certainly better than last year !! Really sunny :thumbup: I had intended to set off early and catch a section on the way to a meeting near Oban but problems on another site meant I had to leave late :mad::mad: Anyway, I thought I would post some pics of Glencoe in the...
  8. OOOOO

    found this on ADV forum can you spot what it is yet.:D
  9. Lower Seat for GS1150 Adventure ?

    Do BMW do a lower seat option for the GS1150 Adventure... The standard seat height is toooo tall for a vertivally challenged 5'6 ;) I know there is an option for the GS1200 Adv but the 1200's are out of my price range :( But the 1150 adventure's an option if I can reach 'terra ferma'. Would I...
  10. Is It Legal

    Just a bit of fun after looking at a few entries today. Is it legal to go round a roundabout a dozen times just to watch the attractive young girl wearing a mini skirt.:toothy8::toothy8::toothy8::confused: I don't wear earplugs so I can hear your minds turning over but a few non-crude replys...
  11. poxxy plastic choke bit

    Africa Twin
    Hello chaps and chap ess's :happy3: i have broke that little plastic choke holder inner on the carb :mad: i am going to buy a new choke cable but will it come with a new plastic bit to hold it in the choke as standard or are they 2 differnt items ??? can any one shed some llight on this...
  12. What does it for you

    Noooo not that you pervs. What makes you feeel reeeaaallly reaaallly old. My 10yr old today said to me "aw muummmm how do you not know that everyone knows that now" I had no idea what she was on about I feel ancient. Oh and it is new doctor change over time and they are all...
  13. Chad ...

    Hey Chad, I phoned your mate who does the labels. Brilliant bloke, very helpful and is sorting me out some Acerbis labels and a couple Dakar text only labels for my hand guards. So much appreciated big-boy :D Not been on here much as still cant bloody see that well to read, let alone ride...