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  1. Transalp xl700v front sprocket, +1 tooth

    Can anyone tell me the oem honda sprocket, 16 tooth that replaces the stock 15 tooth, cant find it in my searches, thanks.
  2. foldig gear leaver for a 650 - need to check before splashing oot

    sorry if this have been done to death but could anyone confirm that a folding lever for a CR80 will fit a V1 650. Looking at this one: SUNLINE MOTOCROSS MX ALLOY GEAR LEVER SHIFTER folding tip HONDA CR 80 85 96-07 | eBaya :thumbup:
  3. The crofter's van

    I am working at the north end of Skye as some of you are no doubt aware. The crofters are gathering the sheep just now for shearing and they have a fank behind my site office. There is normally a lot of shouting, swearing etc as the poor sheep dogs try to get the sheep into the pen. Anyways...
  4. Daily mail anorexia shocker!

    The following is an article from the Daily Mail. I regret it was also reported on Radio 4's Today programme this morning. Anorexia: Children treated for eating disorders as experts blame super-skinny celebrities | Mail Online It is also COMPLETE AND UTTER RUBBISH!!! Readers will note that...
  5. Honda cr 250 500 79-85 talon front sprocket 13 tooth

    eBay - CR/CRF/CRM
    £10.95 End Date: Saturday Jan-29-2011 11:31:05 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;10.95 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  6. Honda CRF 450 CRF450 Chain and Sprocket Kit 49 Tooth

    eBay - CR/CRF/CRM
    £49.99 End Date: Wednesday Feb-09-2011 16:38:23 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;49.99 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  7. Official announcement...i am old! Potentially not work safe

    Well they say it comes to all of us eventually, well it arrived this weekend. I AM OLD! Let me ellaborate. My father went to the orange shop a couple of weekends ago and got himself an upgrade on his handset. Upon returning home he presented me with the new piece of kit, a sony ericcsson xperion...
  8. front sprocket 13 tooth

    Dominator / FMX
    someone wanted a 13 tooth front sprocket... here ye are. I`m looking for a 14 tooth if anyone knows where i`L GET ONE HONDA XR XL600 XR600 NX650 PRO FRONT SPROCKET 13 TOOTH : eBay Motors (item 250596363987 end time Apr-12-10 12:22:51 PDT)
  9. satnavs and bluetooth

    Mechanical Advice
    Does anyone know whether bluetooth enabled satnavs can communicate directly with bluetooth earpieces directly for turn by turn instructions ?
  10. Today's laugh on the road courtesy of the muppet in the Golf.

    So I'm sitting at the lights. Just as the pedestrian lights go red, and milliseconds before I get the green light (there's no filter green light for the right turn) the bus driver of the number 25 bendybus decides now's his time to enter the yellow box with his way ahead completely blocked...
  11. Chain replacement and Lost a tooth

    Started my basic bike maintenance course last week and this week we used my TA to do a chain change. So saving I guess approx £60 on dealer charges at its iminent 8000 mile service.:p So off came the overly long OEM RK chain that had the back wheel wound all the way back (7800 miles) and on...
  12. Tomtom & Bluetooth

    Hi there, I have a tomtom one sat nav with bluetooth for my car and i also intend using it on my transalp, does anybody know if you would be able to hear the directions through a bluetooth headset or is just for phone use only ? ( i do not have a bluetooth phone so i cannot experiment) Thanks...
  13. how lucky

    How Lucky So today was one of those days up here in kilt land.. It's been raining for sometime off and on, but today wow... what a day. Lovely and sunny, a bit windy but great for a ride... Funny thing, as I was driving through the subrubs , all the men where out , clipping the hedge...
  14. Right you scots listen up !!!

    ive had contact from our dark lord and he is not happy:hitler::hitler: 1/ he says your border guards have a lot to learn and should be sent to wales for retraining..toot sweet:D 2/ it the weather dos'nt improve below perth by friday you are all sacked and he will run the country...
  15. Sunday 10th August -Moray.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'll be oot tae play on Sunday as per usual. 14.00 at Mosstodloch filling station. Do you qualify ? :thumbup::):)
  16. Wee run on Sunday 27th July.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'm oot tae play on Sunday 27th at 14.00. Leave from Elgin. Just thought I'd try and see if there were any normal peeps in here or not. No girls or their blouses please. :D PM me if you're up to it.
  17. Hee Hee Hee - Changed my SIG line !

    ............ "can't get it ootta ma heed" ...... as Wee Kylie used to sing !!!!! Whaddaya think ???:thumbright:
  18. Roll-up , Have A Free Pop At Wee Jack

    Well, my Honda riding cyber buddies, you now have your chance to have a good old kick at Wee me. The KTM is down !:(. I left work tonight , started the the beastie , set-off out of the works car park and 50 yards down the road ........phut !! ......cut oot. Lost the dash lights and...
  19. A Stoppie, A daisy, and a dog called Lucky

    Since being moved to my new unit, the route I take into work is different from the route I take home. On the way home, I pass a blind right hander, on the top of a hill, narrow road, so on coming traffic will likely be in the centre of the road, or entirely on my side as has happened on...
  20. Serious Brownie Points for Wee Me !!!

    I'm getting a serious amount of brownie points banked just now. Mrs Wee and Miss Wee are into horses in a big way !!! , they have one each. But the thing about horses is , it never just stops a owning the horse - oh no !! you need the trailer and if you've got the trailer you need the tug , in...