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  1. Rolf Harris and two little....

    Boys or girls? Presumably the headline writers would have a field day. Rolf Harris appears in court on sex offence charges - Channel 4 News
  2. What would you like from your advanced training?

    If I may ask a question, "What would you like from your advanced training?" I'm mainly focusing on the off-tarmac side of things, but any ideas would be great. This can include prices, times, dates, locations, course coverage, their bike or yours, and how big would you like the training...
  3. Get better soon Chad..

    Chad had his Operation yesterday. Hope you get better soon and stop projectile vomiting. You will not get any more sympathy from anyone :toothy1: Feck,can you imagine how his post count will go up now :toothy10: God help us ,the forum will go into meltdown
  4. Operation Yenclonk.

    Africa Twin
    Well finally got off my skinny behind and started to replace my headstock bearings. I spent 10 minutes getting it all set up on my wind-up stand and trolley jack till I was sure it wasn't going to fall over when the front end was removed. Once had to catch my mates ZXR750 and I've no wish to...
  5. Dartmoor Undercover Operation

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Stanbloke,Deb and myself went on Saturday morning to Dartmoor to check out the Campsite in Dartmoor where this years National will be held.As we heard a few disturbing reports i thought it might be a good idea to check the place out first:rolleyes: Met with Stanbloke at 11am on the A303 and had...
  6. operation aluminium panniers

    Bodgers Corner
    After a long time looking and thinking about having a go at makeing some panniers iv finnaly got round to it :clown::clown: As thay say when the boss is away the boys will play. I got hold of some 3mm aluminium sheet and 3mm 2 1/2 cm x 2 1/2cm aluminium angle and sused out how to work the...
  7. Undercover Operation to establish a Beachhead in Dartmoor

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    First weekend in Mai(2nd-4th) Deb and i are going camping to the plume. We decided that we want to do at least one camping weekend a month so in may we going there.I also want to go and have a look around with regards to the Facility and take some pics for the site so people can have a look. We...
  8. Operation Garage Cleanup......

    Decided to clean my garage up today as I am getting fed up trying to do anything inside it or find any of my tools :roll: Had the trusty pup to help "carry" things around, fair enough she does not always understand why it should stay in the garage and not outside but here we go.... Behind...