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  1. New XR250 for 2009

    Article in this weeks MCN, so not sure if this is a rumour or fact, but looked pretty factual to me. MCN says that it'll be watercooled, with electic start, but won't share any parts with the CRF, since the CRF engine wouldn't be suitable for a road going machine. Looking at the pictures it...
  2. Handling and brakes

    Just thought I would get some views on TA handling/brakes. As I have just been on a fairly long 170 mile getting to know the bike ride a couple of things came to light. As I am really a novice again after 15 years away from a trials orientated bike , I had a couple of moments that concerned me...
  3. old tyres

    Africa Twin
    have 2003 rdo7a @. Have 10,000 on the clock on originak t66 michelin. Tyre thread still ok but worried about disintegration.What is best road orientated tyre wet and dry ???
  4. Doggies need help

    Past Charity Events
    Not really bike orientated but still a charity in need. Over a year ago we got Timber (our white GSD) from a GSD resue centre called ARAS in Bedfordshire. Now due to circumstances beyond thier control they're in desperate need of donations. Please help if you can.
  5. Honda Festival 5th August

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    This Sunday at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, the Honda Festival. This is the result of the new Honda attempt to relate more closely to their customers - all part of making Honda dealers more customer orientated. If the festival goes...
  6. New WeeStrom model

    Other Bikes
    I see Suzuki have introduced a new more dirt (..ish) orientated WeeStrom to the range, see here. The DL650X, for £200 less they now fit an alloy sump guard and crash bars. in the pic. the screen looks smaller too. Dare I say looks quite good.
  7. Interesting Website

    Great Roads/Routes
    Found this site a while back and have re-found it again just recently. Some interesting roads, not surprisingly, pretty well road orientated, but could well be worth noting one or two on your GPS or highlighting on a "marked up" map before your trip. I also love looking at Google Earth maps...
  8. NEC Show

    Just got back from NEC show very good as usual. I liked the new Triumph Tiger but it is very road orientated. Also that little Kawasaki Versys is a very nice bike for the missus. Talking of which Anna really did not know how close she came to working on the street tonite, i really thought it...

    Africa Twin
    THIS IS AN UPDATE I NOW HAVE A BM AND AN AFRICA TWIN.....Lucky Me 9th August 2009 I have a dilema. :shock: I Have had a cherished a 33k RD07 AT for near three years. 'M'reg 1995 A GREEN ONE!. Its got all the Rematec alloy bits/Remus Titanium oval exhaust/givi luggage/tank bag and covers/flip...
  10. Help a New Transalp Owner!

    Hello, what a blessing to find this site so I can hopefully avoid blindly making mistakes.... (he says hopefully) So, two things 1. I'm about to buy a Transalp I have my eye on. Any advice on what I should be looking out for to avoid buying a dog? 2. Extras. a) crash bars (seen the posts on...
  11. Build quality (again?)

    Africa Twin
    I have had a quick look through the forum, but I can't see a thread on build quality, so here goes.... Does anyone have an opinion on build quality from RD03 to RD07a? I understand the RD03s were 'hand built' - whatever that means, and they were more Dakar orientated, and that the RD07a is far...
  12. Hello all

    Hello there. Just thought I'd say hi. I've recently come into some money and I'm thinking about buying an @. I currently ride and race enduro on a Husaberg, but want something a bit more road orientated! I see that you have had a few ride outs on SP. I'm based in the the middle of the Plane and...
  13. Tyre fitters in south yorkshire

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    was in a local bike shop RPM in Dinnington 01909567125 and was watching the lads fit tyres with mouses to enduro bikes a very professional looking opperation If you are intending using your bike off road they had loades of tyres from road orientated right through to barely legal but still road...
  14. New AT Buyer with a twist.

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I am in the process of buying a 2000 model, X-Plate with 20k miles, topbox,Scott-oiler, tall screen and spare Remus Grand Prix from one of the board members. The plan is to export it back to South Africa for my brother, who has no ride at the moment, and cannot afford it at SA prices...