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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    morning chaps,im just restoring a 79 xr 500 and am missing the speedo anybody got a speedo for xr 185/250/500 twinshock model?ta mark
  2. XR
    Hello New to the forum Just purchased a Honda xr80 1987 and I'm looking for parts, help and advice with restoring it Any info, links or help really appreciated. I'm located in Nottinghamshire Thanks in advance Richiej25
  3. XL
    Hi There, I am restoring a xl125r and am trying to locate a rear silencer for it . Has anyone got one for sale regards paul
  4. Africa Twin
    Where could I buy an original did 525 oring v8 chain from. Just the chain without the sprockets Or does anyone know the part number
  5. Chatter
    Pope's Harley-Davidson sold for £200,000 - Telegraph
  6. Bodgers Corner
    Got some plastics that are bit faded and marked i read somewhere about bringing them back but can't find it now any suggestions :thumb:
  7. Chatter
    Ok i know i'm an old grump and don't profess to be the 2012 spelling and grammar champion but this one is new even to me. I know we have had numerous discussions over these in the past but i've just seen one and i just thought... why? This was the last part of the sentence that someone had on...
  8. Transalp
    I'm still restoring my tired old '89 Transalp, which is swallowing money like there is no tomorrow ! I notice from the V5, that is was imported into the uk in 1997, but there is no record of where it came from. Does anyone know how I can find this bit of info out ? Regards Charlie
  9. Chatter
    Well - looks like we'll be hit by more EU "harmonisation" :hitler: - interesting bit on CAT removals and HiD lights MOT changes from 2012 | AA Iain
  10. XR
    Seems I can't find the o'ring sizes in the manual:confused:
  11. XR
    The time has come to get a new chain and sprockets, I ride 100% dirt & take the chain off every 500 miles soak in diesel for 24hrs, clean off then soak in engine oil for 24hrs. After letting drip dry i replace with a new split link. After each ride it gets a good clean and oil whilst left on the...
1-11 of 11 Results