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  1. Oscar Pistorius, guilty or not guilty?

    Don't want to hear any jokes, a young lady lost her life after all but what is everyone's opinions, guilty or not guilty? It's so conflicting I'm interetsed to hear different perspectives
  2. My 2011............

    Maybe a little early................but what the hell It's been a mixed year, but on the whole pretty good - after a rough start last Xmas My second full year of self employment has seen me with enough work to allow me to do the things that I enjoy and pay the i'm grateful for...
  3. TT3D movie

    If you haven't seen this 3D movie about the ............TT, go see it. It's on at various Odeons around the country. Take your partners even if they don't like bikes. Full of real drama, excellent cinematography, and topped with that loony Guy Martin! Shoud be an Oscar winner. Watch it in 3D for...
  4. Travel Quote of the Week

    'Thought is wonderful but adventure is more wonderful still.' Oscar Wilde Works even now doesn't it. Tortillas to Totems : Sam Manicom
  5. eBay: On Any Sunday...

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys & gals Apologies if I've missed a previous thread about this (yes, I do that quite often). I remember going to the cinema in the early '70s with my elder brother to see 'On Any Sunday', the Oscar-nominated american documentary on motorcycle racing featuring stars of the sport...
  6. Lulu's Most Excellent Adventure - Part 2

    OK, well sorry to keep you good folks waiting, it’s been a busy evening what with phone calls etc. As LV says, the good news is that I passed, and best of all, that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. :) As Lady V had told me beforehand, going out on the road is SOOOOOO much easier (and...
  7. SLR650 engine mounts

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello, I'm new here ;-) I've just searched the forum for postings on the SLR650, and came across a couple of mentions of my young lady's Supermoto'd SLR, which was stolen from the BMF last year, due to their utterly cr*p security. Well, we've just replaced that one with another one...