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  1. Another silly video - Filming your next adventure.....

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Yet another video.... As the bike season is upon us and our thoughts turn to ADV Riding / Touring, what camera will you be buying to capture the big trip? Don't be buying a DJI Osmo...... sigh..... :(
  2. Back to m'roots

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A family holiday & a day off from parenting saw me drag the Transalp from it's summer-vacation slumber, after a quick dust off she fired first prod - not bad after standin outside for over a month & a with 14 year old Yuasa battery. Anyway, With no defined plan other than heading around some N...
  3. Rosedale Rideouts

    Past National Meets
    This has been partially covered in another thread but warrants its own dedicated section. If others planning a rideout could add their suggested routes. I reckon two or three road routes & maybe an off road ride would keep numbers managable. Please keep banter & unnecessary posts to a minimum...
  4. Good road :))

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Found a brilliant road(?) the other day. It goes from Osmotherly (just off the A19, N. Yorks), right over the top of the moors and then down into Bilsdale and comes out at Laskill, halfway along the B1257 (which is the infamous "Helmsley TT" so be careful if it's a sunny Sunday 'cos it'll be...