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    Mods, please feel free to move if you think this is in the wrong place.......... Honda Transalp Sidecar Outfit | eBay
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    noticed this on ebay Honda Transalp Sidecar Outfit | eBay
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    Corporate sponsorship - no problem :rolleyes:. This is one of my wee granddaughters sporting her lates all in one outfit. ;)
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    Got a tasty workshop ? Or like me, a large area full of s**t with your bikes squeezed in to it ! (S**t, I can't even get my outfit through the f*****g door !! :() No matter what you have - post your pics here. Make us drool, or at the very least make us laugh :D I don't yet actually have any...
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    No, I wasn't sure what it was going to be when I saw the title. It’s illegal to camp in the parks in Melbourne, so when is a tent not a tent? When it's an outfit :D Occupy Melbourne Tent Monsters - YouTube
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    ural outfit
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    Nope it's not the Austin Powers suit you can rent but bike related :D Stumbled across this in the week and absolutely love the look of it. I have always loved the WW2 style sidecars. Now the mind is ticking overtime and got an itch to big to scratch! I bring you the URAL Gear-up Two...