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  1. TA 650 02 Exhaust question.

    I had a look for another thread to tack this onto but they all seem quite old, so I'll ask on a new thread. My exhaust is leaking from the collector to tail section join. I'm pretty certain it's just the tail section that's rusted out but though I'd ask if the 650 collector outlet pipe has a...
  2. 1995 600 size of collector outlet

    (or) I wish I hadn't bothered but it had to be done lol My original standard silencer has some small holes in it so I decided to remove it and patch it up. It was a heck of a job trying to get it loose from the downpipe but it finally came away or so I thought. It had only taken the collector...
  3. 2 into 1 exhaust outlet size.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi wise people, would someone be able to tell me the size of the outlet pipe when going to a 2 into 1 system and how that impacts on performance from the original system. I see 2 into 1 pipe adapter with muffler like GPR advertise but no mention of merged pipe size. Wouldn't going from 2 30mm...
  4. RD04 Fuel

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have some troubles with my fuel lines on my RD04. Wich INNER diameter should I use? it seems the tank outpunt diameter is not the same as the input/output for the fuel pump and the inlet for the carburetor. what diameter of tube should I use. I had never problems fitting those, but with...
  5. Water outlet pipe seal - Mounting direction

    Hi, I am about to change the seals on the outlet water pipe due to water leakage. The seal itself looks different on the upper and lower side, Can anyone please tell me which direction the seal should be mounted. See linked picture...
  6. Drip from fuel tap after engine shut off.

    Hi folks, I've just replaced carb float chamber gaskets and diaphragms on my 1989 TA. Bike now runs great. However just as I was about to fit the fairings back on I noticed fuel dripping from the fuel tap. I checked all screws etc and all were fine. I refitted the 2 hoses from the tap that I...
  7. My Laser Produro RIP

    Africa Twin
    Pouring out fumes from the drain outlet, and as luck would have it by it's design - exhaust grease nicely lubed my rear disc and pads ;) New can, and rear pads I reckon; I've looked for Laser cans and there's not many about so I'm thinking to buy an Arrow and miss the low down Laser roar, for a...
  8. Power outlet (Cigar lighter) fitting

    Where is the best place on the XL 1000 (05) to fit a power outlet? Is there a space already set up?
  9. 12 volt power outlet

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, Can someone tell me which is the best way to wire the 12 volt power outlet to the motorcycle? Thanks a lot, Bogdan
  10. DEP S7 Exhaust...

    Hello I'm looking at fitting a DEP S7 exhaust (rear section), to my 2000 XR400. The outlet selling the kit reckons on retaining standard jetting, which my bike currently runs... anyone able to advise? Thanks in advance Mayhem
  11. DeCating TA650- pictures of cat internals

    I am thinking of decating my TA650, before I cut and hack has anyone pictures of the inside of the cat. Does one cut the box off and plate the hole &/or cut & join the inlet and outlet pipes, or cut the inlet externally to the box and fabricate a complete link pipe to the silencer, the...
  12. Exhaust Y piece

    Bodgers Corner
    Mini Sport are doing a deal on Mini LCB Y pieces, useful for 2-1 for 1 1/2"/38mm exhaust pipes (TA/AT size although they have a fabricated Y piece already welded on the pipes). I used it on my VT500 project where the original silencer has 2 inlet stubs for the exhaust pipes...
  13. RD07 Fuel Tank Removal

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, A quick question on removing the fuel tank from my RD07. After removing the tap/handle, I cannot lift the tank up to detach the fuel hose without the fuel tap hitting the frame. I have to slacken off the lock nut on the fuel tap so that I can rotate the tap enough to clear the...
  14. Blue Flame Exhaust systems?

    Anyone of you fellows uses them? I am as you might guess interested in this one:
  15. New factory outlet !

    George White have just opend their second factory outlet this time in Slough, like their Swindon one it is huge. I went for a look round yesterday and they are still stocking up but had some good discounts on show and once all the space is filled with stock, should be a good place for a bargain...
  16. Exhaust outlet diameter

    Africa Twin
    I´m planning a lash-up exhaust for my @, making it lower for easier pannier mounting and utilising an aftermarket end can. Can anyone tell me the outside diameter of the exhaust outlet arrowed on the picture below? I daren´t take my current silence off as it´s so corroded I think it´ll just fall...
  17. Check leaking outlet valve with piece of paper at exhaust pipe?

    Africa Twin
    Does any of you know this little "trick" - to hold a piece of paper at the exhaust pipe while the engine is idling. If one of the outlet/exhaust valves does not seal properly, this paper is pulled back towards the pipe, like a non-return valve? Can any of you confirm this? I hope I bring this...