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output shaft
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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, ..just a short question pls - is it the same procedure to open the gearbox as it is for the Transalp (3 screws only) Want to see if the gear output shaft is ok on a first sight... cheers Mike
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    I am breaking a 650 transalp engine for parts,all good except the output shaft. tuggy
  3. What's it worth?
    I have an engine complete but stripped due to output shaft wear its done 60 000miles but no ridges on cylinder bores how much is it worth thanks in advance
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    I have a complete bike here in Ireland,bodywork is not great. Bike was bought in boxes and I've sunce resprayed the frame and rebuilt the engine with a new output shaft. Will consider selling complete if I get what I have into it
  5. Africa Twin
    hi just wondered if i should have any wobble sprocket to output shaft in out and side to side? is this normal ??
  6. Varadero
    My engine sounds like a bearing is getting rough, gearbox output shaft I think. does anyone know if the injection engine fits the early carb versions? I need to swap the engine so I can take my time checking it all out and I need the bike to get to work on. Thanks. Steve.
  7. Africa Twin
    I changed the front sprocket today and here's the output shaft,i know it's got some wear but not to bad I think,with the new oem sprocket there was no play on the shaft so I think it'll do me for a few miles yet?
  8. Africa Twin
    Wish me luck,going to look at a 25k 98' A/T tomorrow,going to check the wheel rims and output shaft,anything else that might be worth checking?
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi folks What do you think knackered or not !!!
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    Had to ask and I know there is not much chance but as anyone got an output shaft for sale I know I can get one at dave silver for £144 but trying to keep cost down Thanks
  11. Transalp
    It's that time again.... Whenever I have a problem with my bike it's always the worst thing in the world. Spend bloody hours thinking about what to do. Hardest bloody relationship in my life. The output shaft splines on my 2005 have worn out. I'd hazard a guess at incorrectly adjusted chain but...
  12. XR
    I'm after a set of chain and sprockets for my 1987 xr 250. Does anyone know if the sprockets are different on other year models? I believe the engine is the same up to 95 so output shaft should be the same.
  13. XL
    Hi folks, XL250RC 1984 (approx) UK model The output shaft oil seal is leaking like a leaky thing and it's embarassing to park next to a Matchless or AJS and leave a bigger pool of oil than they do! Does anyone know if it's possible to replace this seal without taking the engine completely to...
  14. Africa Twin
    Daft question but do i need to drain the oil before i replace this seal ? Thanks.
  15. XR
    Hi everyone, i am considering a 1999 xr 400. Is there any known problems i should look out for before parting with my cash, ie do they suffer the same problems as the Africa Twin with the output shaft and bearing ? thanks .
  16. What's it worth?
    1990 with 59000 miles on the clock. Produro silencer, scott oiler and centre stand fitted. T+T but the splines are worn on the output shaft.
  17. Africa Twin
    Hi All, Let me share my frustration in trying to obtain a full engine gasket set to allow me to begin replacing my worn output shaft on my RD07A with all of you. I have ordered from every eBay seller that supplies this set and all of them bar none have cancelled my order with full refund after...
1-17 of 17 Results