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  1. CRF250 Rally Overheated

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi guys. First of all, warning: I am not very good in motorcycle repairs and maintenance :) Around three years ago I have purchased brand new CRF250 Rally here. Until not long ago everything was just fine. But last month I have noticed that my bike start to become very-very hot - and much...
  2. What to expect after 150K regarding serious maintenance?

    Hello fellow Alpiners. My '91 XL600v has blessed me with many kilometres around the world and we still have many more to do. We've been on the road for over two years and done about 80k together and the bike has roughly done around 150k. I would tell you the exact number but the speedo unit got...
  3. The Vercors

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I've been organising & talking about this for so long that I hardly know where to start as most of it has already been explained before. "Start at the beginning & work through 'till the end" they say, so I will. I will try & be brief with the preamble: For those of you that haven't been paying...
  4. CHT (cylinder heat temp) sensor

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all me again. i've dedicated this month for sorting the bike out for a planned trip next year hence all the fiddling and questions. has any one tried or is using a spark plug CHT sensor as used in some air cooled engines, ie karts, atv's and i know they use them on aircooled cessnas. looks...
  5. Xr 440 big bore

    I`ve run my bike empty for oil, and the cylinder and piston was overheated and everething has gone to h...ll!! Since I allready have drilled up the original cylinder to 428 ccm, there was`nt enything more to drill up. I bougth an 440 big bore kit on ebay. So I wonder, is there anyone else on...
  6. Camshaft Bearings

    Hi all I am rebuilding my XR250RX (1999) after I seized it. Got a new 78mm piston, rebore from 77mm next week. Also managed to get decent cam and rockers.The camshaft bearings look a bit overheated, so I want to replace them. They are single shielded, code NTN 6003LUA. 35mm od x 17mm id x 10mm...
  7. XRV Photo's and a few questions.

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I've just 'upgraded' from a Suzuki DR 'BIG' to the bike I've always dreamt of having! Have added photo's of my XRV750. First registration was in August 1994. As far as I know it's completeley original and I intend to keep it that way with regards to the exterior and body panels. The...
  8. 1 day after I got my license I traveled europe for 60 days.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Orite, so in december 2008 in I decided to quit my job in Oslo and move back to Sweden and first get my drivers license so I could apply to join the fire service then straight away get my MC license and then go for a biker holiday until the training at the fire fighters academy would begin...
  9. The ultimate guide to spark plugs

    Mechanical Advice
    While chatting on an Aprilia RS125 forum about fixing my son's bike the question of spark plugs soon came up. A helpful member posted the following guide to plugs. Probably the most comprehensive and most helpful guide to plugs I have ever read...... perhaps a sticky?
  10. Tacho fix

    Africa Twin
    A friend belonging to another site of similar bike, found a great repair for a tachometer that has suffered an overheat. The regulator/rectifier blew on the RD04 and blew the headlights and boiled the battery as well as frying the Tacho. It only worked up to 3.5 - 4000 rpm, no more no matter...
  11. oil type and grade?

    hi, im having problems with my cog box on the bike, the clutch overheated and i lost the clutch ona recent ride and im also having problems goin up the box when in a hurry, or when the engines hot? could this be down to the symthetic oil i put it in when i serviced it? any ideas or tips...
  12. Continously Resetting Tripmeter and/or Defect Cooling Fan >> Solved!!

    Africa Twin
    When testing the bike it became overheated and the Cooling Fan did not turn on. So I checked the fuse .. Hmm, Looks Ok. So I removed the tank and the Fan, hooked it on 12 V and it turned. I measured the connector comming from the bike, no 12 V?!?! :confused: Let's check the fuse again, Looks ok...