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  1. XR
    Hi Team, Just thought I'd ask on here before I put a good hole in £300... does anyone have an oversize tank for an '02 XR400 floating about? Was after the IMS 4.0 gallon one in Natural colour, but would also be happy with a Clarke or Acerbis. Done a lot of looking around, and 98% of them are...
  2. XR
    Looking for oversize tank for Honda xr 250 ,600 any thing considered thanks Dave
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    One only. Guy asked me to make one & sold his bike in between! 200 x 100 overall with long edges folded back 22.5 degrees. Mounting holes are clearance for M6. Made from Stainless Steel with brushed polish finish. Stand off bushed will be needed but suggest using oversize nut or similar. Thanks...
  4. XL
    my barrel on my xl500s is now at maximum rebore at 1mm oversize and is now so worn that i need to either reline or get a barrel that can still be rebored...will the xl500r barrel fit an xl500s
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi All I am currently renovating my XRV 650 and I need new piston rings for it. Unfortunately I am having a very tough time finding a new set of these. The pistons are an oversize allready (I was told it was a 0.5 piston I measured the diameter, and it was 78.5 mm if this information has any...
  6. XR
    Just bought a Honda XR 125. Have a full manual - service, parts and user if anyone wants a copy via pdf. I'm planning on re-building and doing a few modifications as I go on. I'm a mechanical fitter / machinist by trade so will see what I can do once I take it apart :) anyone know if the xr200...
  7. XR
    So, changed the oil on the xr400, but not much come out, maybe 100ml. Can't believe I mustn't have checked it for a while. Now it's going through lots of oil and blowing smoke lots, but not so much at start up. Its running a 440 wiesco kit and I am keen to repair it myself, but not exactly...
  8. Africa Twin
    Anyone know a larger front disk that fits onto the africa twin front hub
  9. Mechanical Advice
    Hi All, I took the CRF in for the mot and the rear wheel had play in it. Ive only recently changed the rear bearings and they popped in nice (put in the freezer) and used the press at work to be sure they went in straight and only rode about 100 miles since! going to knurle the hub in an...
  10. XR
    Hi all I've just ordered a oversize brake kit direct from Talon.Fantastic service. They know what you are talking about,even if you don't,helpful,polite and all round nice people.Just how it should be.Their number is 01935 471508. Press 1 then ask to speak to Val..........Never met her and I...
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    As the title says,XR650R fuel tank wanted.Would like it to be complete and in good condition.Other parts for said bike considered,like,oversize front brake disc if new and complete with fixing bracket.Thank you all for looking.Jim. Tel:0seven79one487eight59 Uk only please.:thumbup:
  12. Mechanical Advice
    Hi has any one used the £25 pair cast steel footpegs off ebay ?? item 360192842961 Ive bought a pair , they look and fit fine.....but because they are cast and not steel folded and welded like stock im worried they may crack and fail!!! they just seem too cheep at £17.90 +p+p sent from the...
  13. Africa Twin
    Well i finaly fitted a 17" by 4.25" on the rear, this gives me the option of 140 or 150 rubber. This is i think a better option than secondhand or paying Honda rip off prices. the rim was from Central Wheel Components Limited and cost about £150 and they chipped in black anodising for free...
  14. Transalp
    Hello, Has anyone seen or doe's anyone know where I can get a large fuel tank for a 94 TA 600. Churs. :D
1-14 of 14 Results