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  1. Dominator / FMX
    My indicators pack up when it rains. The lights come on but don’t flash. Same whether left or right is selected. All bulbs working ok. I’m no electrician and wouldn’t know how to use a meter to trace a fault. But given that all four bulbs work, the problem occurs on both sides and the switch...
  2. Africa Twin
    I am using this site to try and order some bolts that I require to put the original backend on the bike question I have is this, to order the bolts for the carrier(I have the collars) it shows bolt number 27 for the middle...
  3. Africa Twin
    Oh no not again. This is my new AT battery. It's a 4 cell pack of 15Ah capacity. It weighs less than 2kg and if I'm honest it scares me a little since those cells will discharge happily at 150A. It cost less than 100GBP. Whilst bits are painted plated or otherwise fettled I'm getting on with...
  4. Dominator / FMX
    I knocked this up today. To help get the 'Mad Max' Adventure bike look and also totally usable for a rack pack.
  5. Chatter
    My teenage son asked me what I fancied for fathers day and apart from a six pack I couldnt think of anything so this is what he got me.:D Happy fathers day to all you dads out there:thumbup:
  6. Other Bikes
  7. Africa Twin
    hi all need a bit advice quick if poss......just got a speedo hub kit from rugged roads consisting of white plastic speedo drive cog,new drive washer and 2 very thin washers ...need to no were the 2 thin washers go please...also should i pack the whole of the inside of the new hub with new...
  8. Accessories
    As anyone who has ridden on the Continent in the Summer knows, it can get damned hot and it does not take long to dehydrate when on a bike, especially if you wear a mesh jacket(as I do) Aldi have 2l hydration camel packs at the moment for around 6 quid. Mebbe worth a look before that trip to...
  9. Africa Twin
    Need loads of stainless fixings for an rd07 & fairing fixings. Is there anywhere that does a complete pack bike specific? Also fairing fixings, Honda only or does another company do copies? Next question is decals, Honda-Ebay or someone else??
  10. Photography
    So i know there is a few keen photographers on here So can anyone recommend me a tripod good for motorbike travel? My requirements are as followed; -lightweight -small pack size -stable -decent height -well built -quick to deploy -not over expensive Any suggestions?!
  11. Chatter
    Anyone ever used one or knows someone which has?I know they are big in pack size but that is not a worry as i am going solo. Just wondered if anyone has used them in earnest as in proper cold? Cheers Pete
  12. Other Bikes
    Just brought an unrestored 1963 Ariel Leader, speedo reads 5000 miles, last tax disc 1969, been in a shed since 1978. It has nearly every extra that were available for the Leader. Plan at this stage, to leave it unrestored and get it running. Even the tyres look good, no cracks and proper...
  13. Moto Guzzi
    Finally got the photos off my phone The start of the strip down That’s a cool looking bobber right there Not stripping much more Got rid of the two tone red with 2 pack black If anyone is interested I’ll keep updating Cheers Rick
  14. Africa Twin
    Hi everybody, I'm planning to do some decent miles soon on an RD03 that I recently purchased. Is there anything in particular I should check other than the usual things or any spares that I should definitely pack for the trip? Also, can anybody tell me roughly what mpg I should expect the...
  15. Africa Twin
    Hello; Whilst the shock is off for a service and respringing session, I took off the linkage. The bearings seem OK but I'd like to give them a through clean. The old grease has gone a bit congealed and some roll less freely than the others. Is it possible to pop the rollers out without removing...
  16. Chatter
    I'm OK with windows PCs but with me away so much I wanted something small and easy to pack. My other half got an Asus eee netbook for me, unfortunately it has a linux based OS called meego????? fekkin' sheite, it's also at the point when updates have to be installed, like "flash" to stop this...
  17. Transalp
    Yesterday had symptoms of losing power where it would only rev to 5k RPM and if opened up more it would bog and die until throttled off. This got prgressively worse down to 3K RPM and 30mph. Was also getting harder to restart and eventually would not restart but got only a click when the...
  18. XR
    A pair of these 'inserts' for the grip ends of a pair of brush-guards kickin around ? Just fitted a pair of guards to my XR, and the supplied ones in the pack were so poor quality and piss-weak they snapped before id really even tighted them :shock: Size is to fit a standard M8...
  19. Accessories
    Since there are some "Old Technology" freaks hanging on this forum, I thought I might as well ask You Guys what stoves you pack when out on tour. As for my self, I just bought a Radius 21 stove in a Primus 41 box. (Swedish Armed Forces used this combination of a stove from one manufacturer and...
1-20 of 41 Results