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  1. Wanted: Bongo

    For Sale / Wanted
    Afternoon all, just wondered if anyone fancied clearing their Bongo before the Autumn/Winter sets in, watching the usual sites and FB pages (not to mention Evilbay) 3-3.5k is a reasonable chunk. Needs an aft roof and if converted then a rear not side conversion. Anyone? TIA
  2. NEW Honda XR600R Service Manual: English-ONLY, User Friendly

    Good evening ladies. I have done all you XR600R owners a noble deed by removing all of the french and german BS, making the PDF searchable, and aggregating the multiple files into one PDF. Total pages reduced from 535 to 261. ENGLISH ONLY! I say unto you, spread this PDF far and wide, from the...
  3. Anyone had their Tripmaster speed upgraded by Joerg Hau in switzerland ?

    Africa Twin
    Ive found this man in Switzerland who do upgrades and repairs of the Tripmaster (RD04-RD07-RD07A) One of the upgrades is a hidden speed display that he kan activate + he makes a voltmeter mod Has anyone tried this service ? Please see link: Joergs Motorcycle Pages: Honda Africa Twin Cheers...
  4. Peak District Air Accident Research

    These are two good websites for those that take interest in these matters. Peak District Aircraft Crash Sites Map and Aviation Archaeology Some of the sites should be possible to visit even for a biker (without bike).
  5. What did you do on your bike today?

    Pinched this off another site where it went mega, and was wondering how it would work on here?? So come on. What did you do on your bike today?? (Appologies if it has been tried before, I couldn't be bothered to trail through 500 odd pages looking for something similar) :blob8: Me? I rode...
  6. Exhaust gasket ?

    Has anyone tried these gaskets out yet , if so what was the verdict. They look as though they will last longer than those silly graphite jokes.
  7. The meddling has started.

    Chatter I bet this is the start of it. They won't be happy until the whole of the Highlands is down to 50.
  8. output/countershaft possible solution???

    Africa Twin
    Hi my RD04 has the countershaft worn and was welded once. searching around the net i found these french pages with this sprockets as a solution for not opening the engine. has anyone ever used this sprockets or heard about them: Africa 750 - Achat groupé: pignon de transmission...
  9. ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW, stratford racecourse

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    anyone else on here going to this years adventure overland show at stratford racecourse? its the last weekend of september, more details (but not many!) here it was good to see how the big boys do it but there was a...
  10. High Beech Tea Hut under threat !

    I like tea. This time thirty years ago, I was probably drinking tea and chatting with like minded motorcyclists at the High Beech Tea Hut. Future generations of us & them might not be so fortunate to benefit from the convivial facility. Save High Beech Tea Hut !
  11. Transplanting Givi pannier frame from Transalp onto a Varadero ?

    Ahem, have searched for info within the forum pages, but ... Thinking of purchasing a Varadero ... ... erm, would the Givi pannier frame from my TA swap straight over/onto a Varadero ? I'll get my coat.
  12. @'s on MCNs bikes for sale!

    Africa Twin
    Just browsed the MCN bikes for sale pages, as you do, and kicked the search for @'s up. 4 total, 3 of which are private. 2 of those private sales are 50+k miles old, and one of them is a bitsa to my eyes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but they all want £3k plus for their bikes...
  13. A CRF230 Streamliner!!

    CRF - New Forum!
    Came across this Alan Smith CRF230 streamlining project when I was reading about Craig Vetter playing with streamlining of a Honda CN250 Helix Freedom Machine - Fuel Economy -Chap 36 Not quite the body kit for any green lane!
  14. Wanted: plans for a tridem, triple, triplet, trandem...

    For Sale / Wanted
    plans for a tridem, triple, triplet, trandem, long bike... basically think THE GOODIES :p, Raleigh seem to have lost the plans for "buttercup". Trandem Identification Guide
  15. Submarines

    How cool is that? A German WWI sub washed ashore in Hastings. The U-boat, number 118, was washed ashore at Hastings Beach in April 1919 Read about it here: Hastings Observer Bygones Pictures here: Google map link to the...
  16. Replacement front calipers?

    Have trawled these pages and found nothing. I had a sticky caliper earlier this year and had it serviced only to be told the alloy was crumbling and could eventually reveal the dust seal. Question is this - are there any better quality calipers for a 650v5? if so from where and how much...
  17. Well I never........

    Been looking up info on the different cams that go into the 52o degree engines to try and find what, if any differences there are between the AT, TA etc. Well, there are some that I'll put in a more technically based forum (rather than here in "Chatter") but what I did find was this post on the...
  18. Technology bugs

    I've just started using a nice HP Touchsmart PC and so far have been very impressed with it. However today I seem to have picked up a bug, every so often it changes screen, opens documents and selects things which I have not selected. After spending about an hour trying to correct a problem...
  19. Scottoiler Removal

    Africa Twin
    Removed the oiler few weeks back. but the little nipple on the carb on the right hand side where enters the engine. s this to be left on or blocked up? Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin - Scottoiler España
  20. Ooops I lost a few pages - Koso XR/SR dash

    Africa Twin
    Ok so i am waiting on my Koso xr/sr dash to arrive, problem is i have lost the note pad where i had the wiring colours for the original dash and what each one did. so trying fit new one wont be fun with out this. anyone have the wires that matchf romt he koso to the honda and/or the colours...