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  1. Other Honda
    Went to the Netley and Beaulieu jumbles this weekend and came back with this- A Honda 1965 C200 Touring (90cc ohv), able to bring it home inside the car! Looks as though a previous owner had some tins of desert camouflage paint- a Suez crisis dispatch rider bike? Seems mostly there or in the...
  2. XL
    Can anyone tell me how to remove the bushes either side of the swing arm? I want to strip everything out before paint and I want to renew the bearings anyway. There was a little bit of play I could feel. Here is a pic: Thanks, Adam.
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi, Thought it would only be polite to introduce myself ... My name is Craig, I'm a Brit living in France and I recently bought this RD04 for a trip to Morocco in October. This is my first Japenese bike, my other mounts being Italian. But, having run through the list of Italian possibles -...
  4. Transalp
    Does anyone know what colour is the frame on a 650 06 model.. it looks darker than silver....
  5. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Chaps, can anyone assist ? I am looking for a good condition front fairing for the latest project. Colour not important I am happy to paint. Does anyone have one knocking about that they are prepared to part with ? Will pay good money for the right thing !
  6. Dominator / FMX
    Almost finished my Dommie Stealth Tracker project. Just the fairings to paint now.. She'll have to go straight up for sale though :/
  7. Africa Twin
    I had always had problems with getting the engine temp go over 60C. I have TrailTech comp installed, so it gives me correct temperature. Got it warm up only during hot summer days in traffic jams or while stuck in some mud hole:) This winter finally started rebuild project to weld a fracture in...
  8. XL
    Hi Guys. I need some advice. I am starting a ground up restoration on a XL 250R. I received the whole bike in boxes and a half attempt at restoration. It is very difficult to ascertain whether the bike is complete and if I require parts are they readily available and where? One of my many...
  9. Transalp
    Evening Guys. Has anyone found a good match for frame paint. I think it's called "Muscular Grey Metallic". It's basically a dark metallic grey. I've found some on Amazon but it's £30 for 1 can of paint & 1 can of lacquer.
  10. Africa Twin
    Price €120 Great condition, small bit of surface rust, I touched up the paint with some Hammerite Smooth Silver but the paint is mostly original. The helmet holder works but the key is optional as I will need to get one cut (cost €18) 89 Africa Twin RD03
  11. Africa Twin
    Anyone know the correct paint colours for my Africa Twin rd04 1990 Currently i've got White = shasta white Red = Monza Red Blue = viola blue although this is the lighter blue not the darker one which i dont have on my bike anyway . Also i purchased the complete sticker kit but matching them up...
  12. Varadero
    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or have any pictures that they would like to share about changing or modifying the looks of the old Varadero SD01/02? I've never tampered with the looks, even though they do test the eye, but I do have a spare set of body panels for the ole girl &...
  13. Yamaha
    Well, I sold my K75 and my shed project and was Holding out for an XT500, but the prices even for rebuilds got so crazy, I watched out for a DR600 or XT or....... Tenere...... One came up and I leapt.... Train up to Reading, did the deal, rode home 80 to 100 miles..... JOHN you need to wake...
  14. Transalp
    Hi all... I have a few small rust spots on my oem exhaust....does anyone know of any paint or treatment to deal with them? I quite like the look of the oem can so if possible i would rather maintain it in pristine condition if possible... R. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  15. Dominator / FMX
    It's nearly time to get new tyres for my Dommie. No idea how long the current BT-45s have been on there (I've done 7,000 miles on them) but they're well worn now. What's the weapon of choice for road-going inner-tubed Dommies these days? The Bridgies are ok, if a little squirmy going across...
  16. Transalp
    Fully serviced including: Air filter Valve checks Plugs replaced Balanced carbs Engine oil and filter replaced Fork oil and seals replaced Aux power supply fitted Full respray and one new front fairing panel, plus new transfers Sprayed all grey plastic with black stone chip paint New crash bars...
  17. Helmets
    hello May I ask a question about custom helmets? I want to take my old scratched helmet and paint in new colour. Who knows about any techniques relating to painting the helmets? This is will be the first DIY project of this type, so I need tips. thanks
  18. Africa Twin
    i am looking at a xrv rd07 over the weekend...i dont mind deep cleening..not so keen on touching up blistered or oxidised engine cases...certainly dont want any deep engine with this in mind i would appreciate any tips on what i should be looking for,,i think i understand the...
  19. Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know where I can source exact colour match enamel paint for my Dommie ?? It's an ZDCRD08/A Thanks in advance Ted
  20. Mechanical Advice
    Hi there, I am currently building a Honda SLR scrambler/tracker (what ever is the right term for it, I'll find out once I've finished it). I need to clean the engine, because it has 18 years worth of dirt and grim on it, and looks as though some one has spray canned it silver in the last few...
41-60 of 283 Results