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  1. How much is my AT worth ...

    Africa Twin
    Ive got a 96 RD07 in black ... has anybody got any idea how much it would be worth as its havin the frame dipped blasted and powder coated ... new gold rims hubs blasted and again powder coated gold with S/S spokes and nipples front 320mm disc and pads new disc and pads at the back .. ... engine...
  2. Output shaft renewal

    Started to change the output shaft on my 700 XL. All the bolts holding the chrome heat shields and the painted heat shields were sized in so that took me around 4 hours to do, I’m a slow worker, drill out re-tap the holes and order new bolts. The rest went as I expected it to no real drama...
  3. Hi all

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    My name is Tom, been on the forum since while, decided to become formal member. Have 1999 TA 600 custom painted in Pearl White. Looking forward to met some of you on the road someday!
  4. Free: Powerbronze RD07A screen - painted black

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all. Anyone needs a touring screen to muck about / fix buffeting / experiment to find a good way to mount accessories? I got a screen to play with to get the airflow right, but it is NOT for an RD07A. [RD07, I think] So no use to me... I believe that it is one of these: Powerbronze...
  5. RD03 Gas cap

    Africa Twin
    Hi I have recently bought a very cheap 1989 RD03. It had been stolen, and was written of by the insurance company. The thieves have painted it flat black, and broken some parts. Luckily the black paint comes of quite easily, without damaging the original paint or decals, but I'm having...
  6. side stand

    Africa Twin
    After taking a closer look at my side stand it was quite well worn firsly the paint was looking tired and worn out from the boots when using the stand .Secondly the foot which is in contact with the ground was showing some wear and tear from what i think is when the bike settles on its final...
  7. XL600LM plastics

    Hi, just bought one of these as a project bike. Bike has been sitting since 1992. All the plastics (fenders, side panels, fairing) are full of cracks. The cracks are just on the white paint that these parts have. Paint is not loose or coming off, but it's not pretty. They can only be seen...
  8. RD04 fairing

    Africa Twin
    Good morning all. I recently acquired an RD07a from one of the guys from this forum. As things happen I also became an AT-parts-hoarder. :) I came across a gumtree advert last week for a job-lot of few various AT 04/07 bits from another AT owner/parts-hoarder who was moving and needing to empty...
  9. For Sale: Right cover from XRV650 RD03

    For Sale / Wanted
    For AT XRV650 RD03 mod.1988-1989. Original colors and sticker never painted before. It has a crack but it is well soldered as you can see in the pics. Pr.160 Euro.-
  10. this wicked quite on hear as they would say around where i live

    with everyone out on their bikes and gardening or doing any other things that nice weather suits I decided to start up a thread about nothing in particular so if anyone had anything they felt like saying about anything at all . they could put it in hear and it wouldn't be out of place . with...
  11. honda fmx 650

    Dominator / FMX
    hello im thinking selling mine it is in bits, was a bit rough so stripped it cleaned it , painted some bits ,polished others it did run lovely it has remus exhausts 34,000 miles , I was going to make a scrambler out of it think its worth £1350 can send any photos email or whatsapp remember this...
  12. Wanted: RD07A front wheel hub wanted

    XRV Swap Shop
    Does anyone have a decent front hub for sale, i.e. with all disc bolt threads intact ? Paint condition not too important as can be re-painted if necessary. Many thanks.
  13. For Sale: 1992 honda honda dominator for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    for sale my 1992 Honda dominator,just after full refurb including frame blasted/painted etc,engine overhauled new tyres,battery etc.more details on is located in northern Ireland and will need collected.£1500 ono sorry im unable to load a picture.
  14. Dominator plastics

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Been wanting to ask this for a while but feel its a silly question. Are the Dominator plastic parts painted or is the moulding dyed during the manufacturing process. Seems to me dyed (if correct term). I know different people have different views on the plastics and their...
  15. Presentation from Spain and painting question.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I´m Sergio, from Spain, I´ve got an ´97 Rd08 Domi,bought last year with 50000 km. Now, it´s dissasembled to change the starting clutch.I¨ll make an tutorial with photos about the job, now I´m waiting the piece and relative cover´s gasket. My question is about painting the alternator cover...
  16. For Sale: Caliper Restoration service - Winter Discount - HALF PRICE !!!

    For Sale / Wanted
    During the summer I usually contract myself out to main dealers for specialist Technician work but during the 'quieter' winter I do a lot of private restoration work. To get the ball rolling this year I'm offering a massive discount on my usual service rates on Brake Calipers for the first ten...
  17. 1988 NXR livery

    Africa Twin
    1988 Terruzi / Orioli NXR livery I am a fan of the 1988 #83 and 84 Oriolli / Terruzi Italian NXR factory team. One of the reason is that the bike's livery is almost the same as the "civilian" RD03. I don't know the history that prompted such similarity, but it pleases me as I also have an...
  18. RD03 Exhaust, Repairable?

    Africa Twin
    My exhaust wasn't blowing right so I toke it off to take a look for holes etc, what I found looked to be beyond regular repair. The internal pipe at the start of the muffler has broken free from its self completely. It's hard to describe so I will post a video showing the damage. Externally...
  19. Honda Topbox mount = GIVI Monolock ???

    Can anyone confirm if the mounting method for the Honda topbox, the one with the painted lid made by GIVI, is the same mount as a GIVI Monolock please?
  20. For Sale: Africa twin sump guard

    For Sale / Wanted
    Dear All, I have an africa twin sump guard. I have all the bits (bolts, washers etc) but I have painted the central portion with black hammerite. the side portions are unpainted. I will sell it for 50eur posted from Malta to whoever is interested. I can post pictures of course and will accept...