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  1. Help needed pairing Scala rider Q1 toQ3

    My mate has a Q1 and I have a Q3 how do we pair them for intercom we have been unsuccessful up to now.
  2. Bluetooth Helmet/Headset Compatibility?

    It is time to replace my long serving helmet, and I'm thinking of investing in a Bluetooth enabled helmet. I like the idea of listening to a few tunes and podcasts when I'm sat on the motorway, and also on the sunny day each year I like the idea of having a chat with her on the back. But, due to...
  3. Sena SMH10 Intercom

    Product Reviews
    Just thought I'd post up a small review of the Sena SMH10 intercoms I've recently bought you can buy the units either singly or as a twin pack, I bought two single units as they were on offer and the supplier had sold out of twin packs. Helmet Fitting, the kit comes supplied with a choice...
  4. New Cardo G4 Software out !

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Cardo have released new software to update the G4 headsets. Quite a lot of new features and functions - just keeps getting better ! Version 3.0 – March 2011 Overview - New Features The scala rider G4 3.0 software update is a major milestone, bringing with it innovative new features...
  5. Anyone got experience of Midland BT2 and iPhone?

    Mechanical Advice
    Got a set of Midland BT2's for intercom use as well as Bluetooth AD2P connection for the iPhone. Music is spot on - as is intercom - but the sound from the SatNav nearly deafened me/blew the speakers as it was that loud. Havent had a chance to play about with settings fully yet but wondered...
  6. *Another* tyre question - Metzeler 33/55

    Back in the days when I had a BMW F650 (A "Mk1" type from the first year of manufacture) I used to have (I think) the standard pairing of Metzeler 33 and 55 tyres on it. They were road tyres, no doubt about it, but very good. A friend tells me these were superseded by the 330 and 550 as a...