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  1. Seat grip ideas?

    A pal has an AT with what looks like a strip of a different type of material along the middle of the seat. He doesnt know where it came from or what its called... Im looking for some kind of grip patch? for the TA seat. Something you could glue on maybe or staple in... Had a look around and...
  2. Applecross in September

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today the Mountie, me and a pal of the Mountie went for a little ride to Applecross. Luverly day, with persistent rain from home to the other side of Inverness (Achnasheen to be exact). The afternoon was fine, with the sun only occasionally obscured by rain and hail showers. When we got to the...
  3. Mightdomaybe - willshewon'tshe

    Well I don't know:confused: :rolleyes: Sue celebrated her success this morning at the Cheltenham DSA Test Centre with a 30mile + outing on the TA tonight:D . A pal called by on his 1980's Honda Nighthawk, I rolled out the 1986 VFR & Sue, aided by the low-seat led the way on the TA...
  4. K.I.S.S.

    Wee Jack is a big advocate of K.I.S.S. -(Keep It Simple Stupid). One of the reasons I opted for the Alp - simple technology for a simple wee guy. If the Alp blew a tailight bulb , Wee Jack would swing bye Halfords or the BP station on my way home, buy a new bulb, lift the seat, take oot the...
  5. wonderfull wonderfull people

    i saddled up marmite this weekend and took me a wee ride down to sidmouth to see me ole pal slimie this weekend:cool: :cool: :cool: and would just like to say thanks to you simon, penny and the totally mental and hilarious lulu and lilly:laughing4: :laughing4: thanks for a great evening and yes...