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  1. For Sale: Hepco & Becker ‘Gobi’ paniers and rack for XL 650 Transalp.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hepco &Becker Gobi panniers and rack in very good condition to fit any Transalp 650 model. these cost apx £650 new, now surplus to requirements. £300. im in Southampton, collection in person preferably, but I’ll discuss other option if required. John, 07500 214851.
  2. XL 250

    Hi folks, How would a XL 250 Degree trail bike cope with a 12 stone rider plus tent soft paniers and the like. I would want to use it for solo lightweight camping/trail riding but covering any distance I need to. Also are parts readily available including farkles. Answers on a post...
  3. Cheap Alpos Paniers

    Just bumped into these on Evilbay. Alpos Aluminium Cases And Quick Release Brackets For S W Motech Brackets | eBay
  4. DIY Paniers

    Bodgers Corner
    Found this on the Gs'er forum and thought its just tooo good for them allone:toothy7::toothy7: alluboxes (rtwxtz660)
  5. Black Varadero with throw over paniers

    Black V9 Vara with throw over paniers rode by a female (totty) rode up my road Friday 21st was it a XRV member from here? or does she need recruiting :D
  6. home made aluminium paniers

    Africa Twin
    Hi to everyone ! I want to ask for your opinion about the dimensions that I want to use for two aluminium paniers for my AT: lenght x height x widht 45x40x30 cm - for the left panier 45x40x20 cm - for the right panier What do you say, are these too big or not ? Thanks ! Dan
  7. which alluminium paniers are best?

    hi everyone, first of all id like to wish you all a happy new year! me and the better half are planning to go round europe back end of april for a couple of months. so we are after getting some half decent alli paniers for the trip. as there are the two of us we need petty decent sized ones...