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  1. 600 fairing panels for sale

    spotted on ebay....
  2. WANTED screws for side pannels and fairing from my Africa

    Africa Twin
    Wonder if any one can help me here. I am looking to find the half trn srews for the front fairings and the side pannel screws for my Africa. Unfortunately HONDA in Greece does not stock them and they will not stock them ever (as they said). Appreciate any help, may be show me a couple of links...
  3. Luggage Pannels

    Hi, I was wondering if the pannels which seem to clip or screw into honda's top box/panniers are removeable/replaceable?? Thanks David
  4. WANTED Honda Transalp body pannels

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm after front headlight fairing and right side fairing in Black/Meteor gray for my 1993 Honda XL600V Transalp to repair crash damage.