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  1. África Twin group in Panoramio - AT's from around the world

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I just joined the Africa Twin group in Panoramio, managed by an AT Hungarian rider. Panoramio - Africa Twin. Why not join also so that we can see where those AT's have been wandering around the word? BR, Luís Cabrita -------------------- Lisbon - Guinea Bissau, Feb2011 Panoramio - Photos...
  2. Morocco - piste Merzouga Mahmid and back - Africa Twin point of view

    Africa Twin
    I recently made another trip to Morocco this time with the purpose of riding the Merzouga-Mahmid piste and back. Since I've always received kind and useful feedback from I'll write a short resume that might be of interest to anyone. In a nutshell: Group 1x Africa Twin, 2x KTM990...
  3. Suspension ugrade for RD07A - feedback needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi, After 14 years and 35'000Km I feel that both front and rear suspension are bit tired... I don't ride every day but when I do it I normally ride light off-road, gravel or sandy roads. What does the market has to offer for front and rear suspension upgrades of a RD07A? Feedback from users...
  4. Opinion needed for RD07A center stand

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I'd like to receive opinions of RD07A users of center stands. What I rank most in a center stand: - effectively standing the bike - robustness - ease of operation - price SW Motech dealer in Portugal asked me 163EUR for ref. HPS.01.023.100 :mad: Your help will be much appreciated...
  5. Disconnecting the side stand interlock on XRV750V ('97)

    Africa Twin
    Hello, On two occasions my XRV750V ('97) was not starting. I suspect that the side stand interlock was active (open) although the (S) light was not lit. The wiring seems OK. So I'm thinking of disabling this interlock as it will also be easier to lube the chain - with help, of course :) So...
  6. West Africa - Portugal to Guine Bissau - Africa Twin point of view

    Africa Twin
    Let me share the Africa Twin point of view of my trip through West Africa - Portugal to Guine Bissau in 16 days from the 5th to the 20th of February. Hopefully it will be of some interest to someone. The kind feedback that I've received from this forum during the preparation phase was very...
  7. Is an RD04 rectifier fitting onto an RD07A?

    Africa Twin
    Dear AT experts, Is an RD04 rectifier fitting onto an RD07A? Which option applies: - Yes - Yes with minor adaptions (which ones? :confused:) - No chance Still sourcing spare parts for my West Africa trip in February and an RD04 rectifier has just poped up. Thank you and Best Regards...
  8. I'm off to Berlin

    Yes, Berlin here I come. Leaving at 1200 hours on thursday. Plan is to ride down south along the smaller roads, and cross into Germany on friday. Friday will be spent riding along the northern coast, and slowly head south towards Berlin. Stay over night in Berlin and ride nort again during...
  9. Pivot Pegz - Are they worth the €€€?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I really could do better with wider pegs. If find that the OEM ones do not offer good control and comfort specially when riding off-road in standing position. Touratech is offering this Pivot Pegz but I find them expensive (155€!): Any feedback on these or alternatives would be...