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  1. Locks, alarms and security

    Hi, I'm fairly new to biking, so far i've never let the bike out of my sight on a ride which obviously isn't ideal. Please can you advise what solutions you have? I have a motorbike chain but it weighs 12+kg so I dont know how best to transport it? Seem to think the rear rack is only rated to...

    Africa Twin
    Heavy Duties Adventure Luggage And Protection has anyone ordered off these guys? ordered and paid for stuff last week, got an email saying they were being dispatched on monday and he'd send me a tracking number, got no number and emails today result in an automated reply saying they are away...
  3. Is this chain riveted enough?

    Africa Twin
    First time at doing a chain and sprocket change and I'm paranoid that I have not done it properly. Are these riveted enough?
  4. Sidi Flexforce straps needed.

    Hi guys I have been wearing a paif of Sidi Flexforce boots for several years. A bit overkillish for daily riding, but hey I almost lost a leg years back due to braindead car driver so a bit paranoid. The straps have just started to give up the ghost and I cant find replacements anywhere. The...
  5. after first run, a wee bit of brown stuff bear the carbs - help in identifying pls

    sorry guys, "newby just bought the bike and paranoid something is wrong" question. after a short 50miler yesterday, was cleaning the bike and noticed some stuff appeared from which i think is around the carbs, just wondering if this is something which i should be concerned about? in 2 yrs...
  6. For Sale: Hood Para-aramid ("Kevlar") Jeans 40" waist

    For Sale / Wanted
    Sold Hood Para-aramid ("Kevlar") Jeans 40" waist ​For sale, a pair of Hood jeans. Size 40" waist, leg 30". Usual Hood quality, and complete with knee and hip armour. Very good condition, and comfortable to wear ... I wouldn't be selling them but I've managed to lose over 3 stone and they no...
  7. Passport holder.

    Can anyone recommend a passport holder that will let me carry passport,reg docs, insurance etc securely as I am a bit paranoid about losing them. Mind you, just 'cos I'm paranoid does not mean they are not out to get me!;):D Andy.
  8. Commando's or Para's

    Here we go then.... No. 2 son doesn't have the patience to do the A levels to go in as an Officer (Dick!). He wants to join up and then qualify whilst he's in and then do it.... I'm a bit sceptical that it's that simple but I know that there's plenty of you that know better than me. I...