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  1. Any paraglider pilots out there

    I took up paragliding in October, booked a taster day with Pembrokeshire paragliding and I was hooked from the first few seconds of getting off the ground. As a kid I dreamed of flying, I always wanted a one man flying machine without fixed wings or engine. In my young head something like a wing...
  2. Donut clenching moment!!

    Jeezus, I would have soiled my pants! BBC News - Paraglider brought down by bird strike over Himalayas :toothy3:
  3. paragliding idiot

    Darwin award entry - if he dies at least. Buys a £300 paraglider off ebay and watches a video on Youtube before setting off. And then tied his paraglider to his car so he did not fly too high. And breaks his back. Numptie!