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  1. Is this chain riveted enough?

    Africa Twin
    First time at doing a chain and sprocket change and I'm paranoid that I have not done it properly. Are these riveted enough?
  2. Passport holder.

    Can anyone recommend a passport holder that will let me carry passport,reg docs, insurance etc securely as I am a bit paranoid about losing them. Mind you, just 'cos I'm paranoid does not mean they are not out to get me!;):D Andy.
  3. Paranoid?

    Maybe it's just me, though. I found a neat piece of software for handling maps (Mapyx Quo2) - it's free, and you can buy "tiles" of 1:50000 OS maps to use in it - for setting up routes and waypoints to export to a GPS (I had walking, rather than biking, in mind). However, to buy the tiles...
  4. I'm Not Normally Paranoid but.....

    In the last week: We hit a deer in the New Forest in an area you don't normally see them. Luckily for us we were going slowly so only a small amount of damage physically to the car but a lot financially...however, it was very unfortunate for the deer. Then Stormforce8's battery completely...
  5. Clutch rod leak or just being paranoid?

    Africa Twin
    Off to Norway for 3wks soon and have noticed a smeering of grease/oil around the clutch actuating arm and on the engine case. Anyone else seen this? I know there is a bearing in there, could it just be grease from that bearing or should i get the seal and replace before the trip? I assume that...