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  1. Idiots guide for parcels (other than PO)

    Hi all, Now be patient with me, I'm new to anything other than the Rip Off Post Office. I've got a screen to post and don't like the charges the Post Office make these days, now I'm often getting parcels from all kinds of cars and vans turning up and wouldn't know where to start, anyone help...
  2. Look what the postman brought this morning

    just had a visit from the post man with two big boxes and look what I found inside :) a nice shiny new pair of Ardcases,they look really well made and I'm sure half of the weight of the parcels was the packaging from the amount of bubble wrap used on them. Roger was a pleasure to deal...
  3. Wemoto Bad experience

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Unfortunately I have just become an ex-customer or Wemoto. There is nothing wrong with the firm itself but they are using FedEx to deliver and this is proving a nightmare. FedEx just told me, as if it is a fair excuse, that they pay their self-employed drivers £1.60 per item to deliver them and...
  4. For Sale: 10 pc games for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    thought i'd try these on here first all work fine under windows xp. but i changed to vista a while back and they dont work under that. £8 + post (£6.60 1st or £4.41 standard parcels) ask if any q's cheers. ant
  5. Parcel Mystery

    in the past couple of weeks I have had three parcels delivered that were in their original undamaged jiffy bags. They were correctly addressed but they seemed to take slightly longer to arrive than I expected. All three had been inside clear and red plastic bags with the words re direction and...
  6. HMS Portland

    We went down to Plymouth over the weekend to see my eldest son off on his 7 month tour of the South Atlantic to the Falklands and lots of other places including South Africa just in time for the World Cup:rolleyes: :D This will be his longest time away in one stint, he has done the Gulf...
  7. Theiving WELSH

    NO offense to any welsh individuals on here it's not your fault !!!!!!!! When going into Wales over the bridge i saw the car price £5.40 ( i think) i get to the toll booth and pay £10.20. "sir, it's a four wheel drive" the reply "but it's only in 2 wheel drive" fell on deaf...
  8. Help required

    Guys/Gals, Is anyone driving over to the Republic of Ireland in the next few days, who has room for a couple of parcels needed by 'brownetara' just a couple of panniers and racks thanks GOG007
  9. Silly things people say/type or do...

    Ok this is for things that either wind you up or generally don’t make sense and is basically a waste of time. I see lots of these all the time so come on share yours. I was searching through some for sale items and at the bottom was the price, it read: £60 posted to your door. Forgive me...
  10. Portable Bead Breaker

    Mechanical Advice
    I had a few pm's from interested parties regarding the picture I posted on the bead breaker so not to hijack the other thread here is some more info. Mods I did not stick this in for sale section even though members are more than welcome to approach me for these should they want some :D...
  11. Gone and got myself a 'proper bike'

    Africa Twin
    Well i've gone and done it :!: Being on this forum for a while now, the bug has finally got to me - i am now a proper member - unless it is going to turn into the GS org :shock: I was looking around for an @ anyway, and one day Redcaps bike was up for sale - price looked good, so nipped...